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    Lincoln Counseling Office

    The counselors at Lincoln High School work with individual students and with groups to help them develop strategies for success in academics, and in considering their post-high school plans and future careers. Counselors challenge students to become aware of their individual strengths, to develop methods for dealing with difficulties, to set goals, to make choices and to consider consequences.

    The Counselor's Schoology pages have been updated with lessons, presentations, forms, and other useful resources. Please visit your Counselor’s Schoology and click on the Materials tab. We are also holding Office Hours from 9-3:30 daily by appointment. You can either make an appointment through the Counseling Page via Bookings or through the link embedded in Schoology. Go to the Student and Family Portal page for links to Schoology.

    Make wise choices, be healthy, and do something constructive and thoughtful every day!

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How will learning happen while school is closed?

    Learning will continue at Lincoln with our weekly schedule. This schedule will provide structured time for students to access each of their classes throughout the week. Students will also have work to complete outside of this schedule and teachers will be available by appointments for extra help. (Use the Bell Schedule link on the Lincoln homepage to access the current class schedule)

    During the scheduled times, teachers will be providing asynchronous/synchronous learning opportunities through Teams meetings or as assignments/activities posted on Schoology pages. The expectation is that students will treat these assigned activities like schoolwork and submit to the teacher for assessment. Teachers will be assessing work from students.

    This is just a broad overview of the week; more detailed information will be available on individual class/teacher Schoology pages. On each teacher’s Schoology page you should find:

    • Standards being covered
    • List of activities students will complete. Remember, in some cases, they will be logging into a video class meeting, and other times they will just be using this time to complete an assignment given.
    • Key due dates students need to know when submitting assignments

    Additionally, each Wednesday, students are expected to attend Mentorship. During this time, students will be given new information and opportunities for support as we adjust to the new learning environment. Information about Mentorship will be available on Schoology.

    How will grading work?

    SPS determines the guidelines for how educators should give grades and award credits.  Lincoln teachers will be assessing progress on assignments and providing feedback to students. Progress will be measured against the standards for the class. Students are expected to complete and submit work assigned.

    Can my student take online courses during the school shutdown?

    Lincoln will continue to use our Schoology platform to post learning opportunities for students and information about individual office hours. Per SPS Board Policy No. 2024, online and Out-of-District classes cannot be used for first-time credit but can be used for credit recovery in some circumstances. Please reach out to your student’s Counselor if you’d like more information on guidelines for credit recovery options online.

    What will happen with AP tests and classes?

    We know that the shutdown will affect every student in SPS and that is no different for those taking AP courses. There are 6000 SPS students and over 4 million nation-wide signed up for AP tests in May. College Board is working on a solution for how to support those students and provide them some sort of exam, but it will certainly not be on the typical timeline, nor will it hold the value that tests did in previous years.

    Central office staff are working directly with The College Board to coordinate AP testing on behalf of all our high schools that offer AP exams. Schools, students, and families do not need to take any actions regarding AP testing, as this will be coordinated centrally for all schools. The College Board has recently released new online resources for students.

    Students and families can elect to attend live instruction provided by The College Board for free. Additional information regarding AP exams will be shared as plans progress. More information about AP can be found on The College Board website.

    We encourage students and families to delay making their decisions about whether to take their AP Exam(s) until late April.

    Students that registered to take their AP Exams through SPS are always eligible for a refund. The College Board has waived the $40 exam cancellation fee this year due to the COVID 19 school closures. Once the refund process has been initiated, it cannot be reversed.
    We will continue to add links to resources on each AP Teacher’s Schoology.

    What is the plan with 8th grade registration for next year?

    For now, we are waiting for more guidance from the school district on how we can proceed but are working on a plan to deliver registration information online to families. We will know which current 8th grade students are coming to Lincoln in early April. Please stay tuned – information will be posted to Lincoln’s home page as soon as possible.

    What do I do if I am interested in Running Start?

    We have been in touch with North Seattle Community College regarding how the shut-down will affect LHS students interested in Running Start for next year. We were meant to have a presentation on March 20, which obviously didn’t happen. Each Counselor has added a link to the Running Start web page at NSCC on Schoology. We are also expecting to have a PowerPoint to add, early next week.  

    How can I stay connected with students and staff during the closure?

    In addition to the learning opportunities being provided through Schoology, we encourage you to connect with us virtually. Check out our website or engage with us through social media. Facebook: @LincolnSeattle. Instagram: lincolnseattle. Twitter: @lincoln_seattle. All of our clubs hold regular meetings via Teams.  Students can access clubs information  and links through Schoology.  Athletics are also happening.  Visit the Athletics page on this website for more information.

    My SPS-issued student laptop is having troubles. What should I do?

    Students can email or call 206-252-0100 to get assistance.

    I know of someone who needs extra help. What should I tell them?

    Visit theDistrict Resource page found at

    Or encourage them reach out to their counselor or administrator so that we can provide assistance.  They can email or

    Contact Us

    Counseling Team

    Student Last Name A-G
    Hope Donato

    Student Last Name H-O
    Anthony Malaki

    Student Last Name P-Z
    Samantha Pacampara

    District Counseling Forms

    Use the above link to access the following forms:

    • High School PE Waiver Request Form
    • Service-Learning Form
    • Seattle Schools Graduation Requirement Waiver
    • High School credit in Middle School Form
    • High School Credit Earned in Middle School Form - Class of 2024

    Family Resources for Grief, Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention

    Seattle Public Schools has many resources available for families which can be found here:

    SPS Resources


    • Mental Health & Substance Use Support Services
    • Emotional Support Resources
    • Grief and Loss Local Community Resources