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Exhibitions 2023-2024

  • Internal exhibition date is Wednesday January 24, 2024
  • External/public exhibitions are (probably) June 3-4, 2024

Exhibitions at Lincoln High School are student-led, post-summative, public celebrations of learning where students present their work in a variety of creative ways with peers, teachers, families and community members. ​They allow students to embrace the LHS Motto “Learn with Passion. Act with Courage. Improve the World.”

We need Career-Connected Mentors to give feedback to our students during exhibitions. Do you have a skillset or expertise that could help? Please visit us at the following link to find ways you can get involved.

Learn with Passion
Student Voice and Choice

Deeper Learning at Lincoln is founded in a belief that one size does not fit all. Whether a given project engages students in creating work with a real-world purpose, developing a personal passion, or just exploratory play, students set the course of their own learning through meaningful choices in topic, approach, or presentation media. Directing their own learning in these ways doesn’t just lead to variety in students’ work reflecting their diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds; it develops the Deeper Learning Competencies of thinking critically, working collaboratively, and learning how to learn.

Act with Courage
Process over Product

As much as Exhibitions are about showing off students’ high-quality work, we believe the best, most meaningful learning comes from taking risks, reflecting throughout the process on what’s working, and trying a new approach when another doesn’t work out. Students explore and adapt processes from adult work environments, from the writing cycle to the scientific method to the Stanford’s human-centered Design Thinking framework. We hope you’ll ask about the processes students went through whether their final products are a triumph, a failed experiment, or still in progress.

Improve the World
Developing Global Perspectives

At the heart of Lincoln’s vision for Project Based Learning is the belief that students’ work can really matter—not only abstractly in the future, but right now, and beyond the boundaries of the school. Especially in STEM courses, we’ve taken the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as an invitation to notice, understand, and generate solutions for local and global real-world needs. In the humanities, the SPS Ethnic Studies frameworks serve as a model for critically examining our perspectives, taking meaningful actions to benefit marginalized groups, and reflecting on what’s left to be done.