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College Application Websites

The Common App

The Common App is the website that we encourage all Lincoln students to use when applying for college.

  • 900 Colleges, 1 Application
  • Examples: Seattle U, UW, WSU, Lewis & Clark, Chapman 

The Common Application is a popular college and university application platform. Visit the Common App website for more information or click the link for The Common App tutorials on featured on this page or visit the Lynx Counseling Crew course on Schoology

Coalition For College Application

Over 100 colleges, 1 Application

The Coalition For College is another popular college and university application platform.

WA State Community & Technical College Application

Visit the WEB Admissions Center for Quick Start Instructions.

Colleges Like

New! Check out Colleges Like This is a (free) website designed to help with your college search.

College Testing Policies

If a college is under a test-optional policy, colleges still welcome test scores from students who choose to submit them and consider them a valuable data point and part of the review process if testing is available.

At the same time, they are confident in reviewing a file without a test score and still rendering a fair decision—in other words, students without scores are not disadvantaged. In contrast, if a school is test blind , it means they will not consider standardized testing at all. Even if you send it to them, they will not consider it as a part of your file.

Applying for Financial Aid

Seattle students follow many paths upon graduation from high school. For seniors interested in college, completing a FAFSA or WASFA is one of the first steps to receive college financial aid.

There are many steps students should take to be prepared for college. The Department of College and Career is here to support students as they navigate this process. Read more about College and Career Readiness at Seattle Public Schools.

Completing the FAFSA or WASFA is the first step in accessing college financial aid. It is required for most scholarships, grants, and loans. High school seniors should apply early to get all of the financial aid that they are eligible for.

Note! Changes coming to the FAFSA on Oct 1, 2022

Federal — The FAFSA is the application that citizens and eligible non-citizens (i.e. permanent resident card/green card, conditional permanent resident, refugee) complete to access financial aid. Apply online for free FAFSA. More information in the Financial Aid Applications tab.

Washington — The WASFA is the application undocumented non-citizens complete to access financial aid. Apply online for free WASFA. More information in the Financial Aid Applications tab.

Seattle Promise Scholarship  | Seattle Promise students FAFSA & WASFA are typically due in April. Visit the Seattle Promise website for updated information. The program provides financial support and ongoing college and career guidance for students to attend one of three Seattle Colleges. All graduating seniors are encouraged to apply. LHS Seattle Promise Contact: Francisco Ramos, Seattle Colleges at or book an appointment with him on the Lynx Counseling Crew Schoology page under Career & College supports.