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Common App Tutorials

Helpful Videos for Completing Your Common App Profile

Links for these videos can also be found on the Lynx Counseling Crew Schoology page in the Career and College Supports folder.

What is the Common App? (2:29 minutes)

Common App Getting Started (4 min)

This video gives a brief overview of the Common App.

Common App Comprehensive Help for First-Year Students (21 min)

This video is a more comprehensive tutorial on completing the different sections of the Common App with helpful advice and hints for what to include on your application.

The My Colleges Tab on the Common App (1:20 minutes)

This video walks you through the all the information that is needed on the Colleges Tab on the Common App which is the location for ALL the colleges you are applying.

Submitting Your First-Year Application

This video outlines the 3-step process for completing your application and submitting it.