Student Life


Lincoln Clubs

Student clubs at Lincoln High School are an important part of the high school experience, and are intended to provide all students with a place to create connections and explore different facets of their identity and interests. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive and equitable platform for all students entering Lincoln.

Students joining or starting a club need to purchase an ASB card.

Starting a club is easy.  Complete the form to get started on forming a new club.


For more information please contact Activity Coordinator Christy Neuschwander:


Sample ASB Club Constitution

Current Clubs

Following is a list of current clubs offered at Lincoln. Please refer to the Clubs Schoology page for more information including meeting locations and times.

  • Art Club
  • ASU (Asian Student Union)
  • Bouldering Club
  • BSU (Black Student Union)
  • Calligraphy Club
  • Chainlynx Robotics
  • Chess Club
  • Dance Team
  • DECA
  • Documentary Film Club
  • Drama
  • Environmental Club
  • Ethics Bowl
  • Feminism Club
  • House Elf Liberation Front
  • Investing Club
  • Japanese Conversation Club
  • JSA (Jewish Student Association)
  • JSU (Jewish Student Union)
  • Keystone Club
  • LSU (Latinx Student Union)
  • Lincoln Mural Club
  • LOG (Lincoln Outdoor Group)
  • Magic the Gathering Club
  • Math Club
  • Mental Health Club
  • Mock Trial Club
  • Mountain Biking Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Pet Club
  • Photography Club
  • SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Association)
  • Social Justice Club
  • STEM Outreach and Opportunities
  • Spanish Conversation Club
  • Tabletop Club
  • Water1st Club
  • Wii Club