Student Life

Spirit Gear

white mug with Lincoln L and the word Lynx 8 times forming a circle around it
Lynx Mug
Black cap with Lynx head logo
Baseball Cap
Black blanket with LYNX and lynx head
Black t-shirt with LINCOLN in red letters and the Lincoln crest
Crest T-Shirt
Classic Hoody
Red and black lanyards with Lincoln High school spelled out
Image of sticker with the letters L H and S in block style
Sticker – LHS
Image of sticker with the letters L H and S in block style and Lynx head logo
Sticker – LHS w/Lynx Head
the word LINCOLN in script writing
Lincoln Sticker (Vintage)
Sticker – Lynx Head
black quarantine mask with lincoln logo and the words lincoln and lynx
Black and red soccer scarf with the words lincoln lynx on each side alternate colors
Red socks with black stripe and the Lincoln logo L
Beige tote bag with Lincoln logo L and the words lincoln high school
Tote Bag
Image of silver lincoln water bottle
Water Bottle
Yard sign with Lincoln High School, lynx head and learn with passion, act with courage improve the world spelled out
Yard Sign
Black and red plaid pajama pants with Lincoln Lynx in white lettering on upper leg
Quarantine Pants
White circle pop socket with red lynx head

Ordering Lynx Gear is Easy!

All screen printed items are printed locally. During the school year, items ordered online for students will be available for student pick-up at the student store the following week. Additional clearance items are available for purchase at the student store with card, cash, or check. The store will be open during lunch on Thursdays and Fridays from 3:35-4:00 after school.

Items ordered over the summer will be available for pick-up at the September 1, New Student Welcome.

Athletics Bag (personalized)

Athletics Bag (non-personalized)

Blanket (large)


Classic Hoody (black)

Crest T-Shirt (black)

Lanyard (black or red)



Pajama Pants (quarantine pants in photos)

Pop Socket



Sticker – LHS

Sticker – LHS with Lynx Head

Sticker – LINCOLN vintage script

Sticker – Lynx head


Tote Bag

Yard Sign (includes metal stand)

sample image of a letter jacket with red L on chest and Lincoln on one arm Lynx on the other

Ordering a Letter Jacket

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Design New Letter Jacket” from the “Letter Jacket” drop down menu
  3. Select “Lincoln” from the drop down menu under “Pick Your School”
  4. Customize as desired
  • The letter itself will be provided by LHS when you letter for the first time
  • The first time you letter in a specific activity, you will be given the inlay symbol for that activity
  • Each time you letter in a specific activity after the first year, you will be given a hash mark to indicate one season/year in that activity
  • All other personalizations are your responsibility and choice

Payment and ordering is done directly through National Achiever. No money will be collected by LHS. A sample jacket is available to try on in Ms. Neu’s office.