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Lincoln High School Traffic and Access Management Plan

Parking in the Wallingford neighborhood around Lincoln High School is highly utilized and constrained by a variety of restrictions. The intent of this plan is to raise awareness of Lincoln High School’s challenges related to driving personal vehicles, encourage other means of traveling to and from school, and mitigate traffic and parking congestion by directing vehicular traffic in an orderly and organized manner.

Please keep Yourself and Others Safe

Follow these rules when you travel to and from school:

  • DO ride the bus, walk, or bike to and from school whenever possible. Most students who live 2 miles or farther from school qualify for an Orca public transit pass. Please use private vehicles only as a last resort.
  • DO cross streets only at crosswalks and intersection corners, where crossing is legal even if there is no crosswalk.
  • DO choose your bike routes along designated bicycle facilities and local residential streets to the greatest extent possible.
  • DO lock your bike when it is parked at school. Bike parking is provided in several locations on campus and shown the Traffic Management Map.
  • If you use a bike from a bike share program, DO park it in an area authorized by the City and the bike share program. DO NOT block sidewalks, curb ramps, fire hydrants, bus stops, bike lanes, or vehicle lanes.

If driving to school is absolutely necessary, then:

  • DO carpool with other families or students whenever possible.
  • DO adhere to speed limits: 25 mph on arterial streets and 20 mph on local residential streets. DO park only in legal public parking spaces.
  • DO maintain parking clearances required by City and State law:
    • 5 feet from driveways
    • 15 feet from fire hydrants
    • 20 feet from crosswalks and intersections
  • DO NOT park in time-restricted or RPZ parking spaces for a period longer than the posted time limit. All-day parking is prohibited in these spaces; it is illegal to move your vehicle from one time-restricted space to another in the same block.
  • DO consider dropping off or picking up students a block or more away from the school site during periods with higher traffic congestion near the school.
  • DO NOT block travel lanes or driveways when waiting to pick up passengers. If there is no space available,
  • DO circle around the block and pull into a space when it becomes available.
  • DO NOT use our neighbors’ driveways to park or turn around.
  • DO NOT park or stop in the school bus loading zones during the posted restricted times
  • DO NOT drive the wrong way on the one-way streets (see the  Traffic Management Map), even for a short distance.
  • If you violate parking or traffic laws, DO NOT be surprised if your vehicle is ticketed by the City of Seattle and possibly towed. Seattle Schools is not responsible for such enforcement activities.

Please contact the Lincoln main office during school hours at 206-413-2500 with transportation questions or concerns.