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Lincoln High School Yearbook

Needs Your Photos for the Following Categories

  • Lincoln Spirit Gear – Submit photos of you or a group of you wearing your spirit gear
  • Skills and Hobbies – Submit photos of any skills or hobbies you have. Include yourself or others in the photo.
  • You and Your Pets – Submit photos of you and your pets at home. Quarantine Art- Submit poems, paintings, sculptures or any other random art you are creating at home. Include yourself in the photo.
  • Yourself in Nature – Submit any photos of you and/or your friends in nature. Go crazy.
  • Fashion – Do some fashion shoots and send us photos for the fashion section.
  • Sports – Submit any photos of school sports practices/games or sports you’re doing around the house like table tennis, basketball, throwing around the football, etc.
  • Clubs – We need your club group photos! Take a screenshot of your club meetings in teams or create your own group photo any other way.
  • Athletics – Photos from any of the practices currently taking place would be great!

Submit Photos 

JPG photos need to be as high resolution as possible

Yearbook Advisor: Alex Snyder