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Lincoln Graduation June 2024

The 2024 graduation date is Friday, June 14, 2024 at 8:00PM in Memorial Stadium, 401 5th Avenue North. All students will be issued 6 tickets for the event with an opportunity to request additional tickets near the graduation date.

Important Senior Dates

Please check back often to the 2024 Important Senior Dates page for all the important events, deadlines, and requirements that seniors and their families need to know about before graduation.

Cap and Gown

Cap and gown orders are now open and are ordered directly from the graduation vendor, National Achiever, using the site or the following link. If you have questions about any of the items on that page, please call National Achiever directly at 425-357-1338. No payment for graduation items is made to Lincoln; it is all handled by National Achiever.

Each graduate is responsible for purchasing the cap and gown package titled “Lincoln High School Cap and Gown Unit,” or if you or someone you know has a black cap and gown that will fit you, you will only need to purchase the tassel and stole for the class of 2024 (titled “2024 LHS Class Stole Only + Tassel only”). To see these items, scroll down towards the bottom of the page linked above.

Beyond the basic cap and gown package, all purchases are optional. Swag items will be shipped to the school before winter break for distribution, but caps and gowns will be distributed at school in late April.

If you need financial assistance for the cap and gown purchase, please reach out to your counselor as soon as possible.


Senior SPREE is an after-graduation, all-night celebration sponsored by the PTSA. Hurry! The last day to buy tickets for this June 14 event is Saturday, June 1.. More SPREE information and ticket pricing/purchase details can be found on the Lincoln Class of 2024 website. Scholarships are available.

Final Transcripts

Even though June 12 is the last day of school for Seniors and graduation is on June 14, the final day of school is June 21 for all students.  Teachers contractually have 5 working days from there to input final grades which would be the end of the day Friday, June 28.  From that date grades are checked by the registrar to make sure they are complete if all goes smoothly this would be July 1st.  After grades are certified complete by the registrar a request is sent to the district to store the grades officially which happens within 1-3 days.  This means the earliest release of final transcripts may not happen until after the July 4 holiday.  The final district deadline for storage of grades is July 11, which would be the latest date they would be available.  This is true of ALL high schools in the district, not just Lincoln.  We will do all that we can to get them ready and available as early as possible.

Colleges may “require” final transcripts as early as July 1 which most likely cannot be accommodated.  Email if you would like a PDF letter you can send to your college letting them know of the delay.  Please send the PDF in lieu of contacting counselors or the registrar.

Once transcripts are available, they will be submitted as soon as possible on behalf of all Seniors through Naviance.   All Seniors MUST designate their college/university to receive a final transcript on Naviance.  Completing the college designation in Naviance is one of the steps to be cleared to graduate. A PDF with instructions is available on the Counseling Schoology page in the “Class of 2024” folder.

If the college/university is not available in Naviance we will use the Common App if possible. If a paper copy is needed, Naviance will designate that and one will be prepared. Paper copies can also be requested through As a general rule, paper copies are only necessary for international schools. You can request up to 5 paper copies for free. If more copies are needed see Mr. Lee to pay for additional copies. Once the official copies have been signed and sealed into envelopes you will be notified to pick them up to address and mail yourself. Lincoln does not provide postage for mailing paper copies of transcripts.

Recommendation Letters for College Applications

Information was presented at the end of the 22-23 school year and was gone over again at the senior class meeting on September 15. Seniors need to only request letters if their university requires them, and if so, must request them in writing to their staff member at least 3 weeks in advance of the due date.

Parents and families: Please help us support the college application process by encouraging your student to reach out to their desired recommenders in a kind and professional manner to receive the form. Counselors presented the process to request a letter of recommendation from teachers and staff to 12th grade students on September 15, 2023. The whole staff is following the same process and students are welcome to ask any teacher or counselor if they have any questions about that. The steps of the process can also be found on the counselor’s Schoology page in the slides from the September presentation. We appreciate your partnership.

FAQs about the College Application Process

This is solely dependent on the student and their specific applications – there is no one size fits all college application timeline, only a general idea or overview. Here are some general things to keep in mind:

  1. Narrow your college list focus: 3 6 is the goal
  2. Determine how the colleges receive applications
  3. Use your Naviance account to apply.
  4. Feeling unsure about your options next year? Make an appointment with your counselor!

This information was presented to students during Lynx Time in May 2023 and again in September 2023 during mentorship. All letter of recommendation requests need to come from the student. Information on this can be found on the Counselor Schoology page.

Information about colleges can be found on each college’s website. If your student has a specific question for a college, they can call or email any admissions office and ask them questions.

Great resources include Naviance which has a college search, as well as College Board, Big Future, etc. If a student feels stuck in what they’re looking for, they can make an appointment with their counselor to talk it through.

As a newly opened school, we don’t have any alumni that have been to college recently enough for their information to be relevant. We are working with SPS to provide virtual college representative info sessions.

More information will be available on the Counselor Schoology pages so that they can be accessed by students. If after reviewing all of the information as a family your student needs more support or has more questions, please have them make an appointment with their counselor to expand on the information that has already been given. Making an appointment can be done through the counselor’s Schoology page starting Friday, September 23. Students should check their school email frequently to make sure they do not miss any responses from their counselor.