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Information for Seniors

Requesting Transcripts

Students can request an “unofficial copy” of their transcript to use for applying to colleges by emailing You will receive an email reply back within 48 hours with a PDF copy attached so be sure to check your school email regularly after requesting a copy.

Students can request up to 5 free “official copies” of their transcript for sending through US mail by emailing from their school email. Additional official transcripts can be requested at $2/transcript paid for through SchoolPay. Official transcripts will be sealed in a Lincoln envelope for students to pick up from the Counseling office to address, provide postage and mail themselves to their selected colleges. Please allow a few days for printing and sealing. Students will be notified via their school email when the official transcripts are ready for pick up. Please make sure the colleges you are applying to require an official copy before submitting requests!

Recommendation Letters

Counselors presented the process for requesting letters of recommendation from teachers, staff or counselors during a senior class meeting on Wednesday, September 21 during LynxTime. For absent or new students or families, the presentation information can be accessed on the Counselor Schoology page starting Friday, September 23, 2022.

A few important reminders about recommendation letters:

  • You need to be checking your school email messages periodically in case there is an issue with your request and the teacher has been trying to get hold of you. If teachers are not able to complete your request because they cannot get hold of you, they will not be able to upload your letter.
  • Remember that you should not request a recommendation letter unless the college or scholarship requires it.

Parents and families: Please help us support the college application process by encouraging your student to reach out to their desired recommenders in a kind and professional manner to receive the form. Counselors presented the process to request a letter of recommendation from teachers and staff to 12th grade students on September 21. The whole staff is following the same process and students are welcome to ask any teacher or counselor if they have any questions about that. The steps of the process can also be found on the counselor’s Schoology page in the slides from the September presentation. We appreciate your partnership.

FAQs about the College Application Process

This is solely dependent on the student and their specific applications – there is no one size fits all college application timeline, only a general idea or overview. Here are some general things to keep in mind:

  1. Narrow your college list focus: 3 6 is the goal
  2. Determine how the colleges receive applications
  3. Use your Naviance account to apply.
  4. Feeling unsure about your options next year? Make an appointment with your counselor!

This information was presented to students during Lynx Time on September 20th. All letter of recommendation requests need to come from the student. Information on this can be found on the Counselor Schoology page beginning Friday, September 23, 2022.

Information about colleges can be found on each college’s website. If your student has a specific question for a college, they can call or email any admissions office and ask them questions.

Great resources include Naviance which has a college search, as well as College Board, Big Future, etc. If a student feels stuck in what they’re looking for, they can make an appointment with their counselor to talk it through.

As a newly opened school, we don’t have any alumni that have been to college recently enough for their information to be relevant. We are working with SPS to provide virtual college representative info sessions.

More information will be available on the Counselor Schoology pages so that they can be accessed by students. If after reviewing all of the information as a family your student needs more support or has more questions, please have them make an appointment with their counselor to expand on the information that has already been given. Making an appointment can be done through the counselor’s Schoology page starting Friday, September 23. Students should check their school email frequently to make sure they do not miss any responses from their counselor.