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Information for Seniors

Important Dates

  • May 16 – Prom guest forms available (main office & Ms. Neu’s office)
  • May 17-20 – Grad speech auditions with Ms. Taylor & Ms. Koleno after school
  • May 20 – HSBP (High School and Beyond Plan) completion date
  • May 25 – Prom guest forms due to Ms. Neu by 3:00pm 
  • May 31 – Prom tickets go on sale (early bird 5/31-6/3, regular price 6/6-6/8)
  • June 1 – All fines paid (from K-12) & all library books returned 
  • June 1-2 – Student Exhibitions
  • June 3 – All LHS sports equipment and uniforms must be returned. Last day to turn in late and missing work (building wide) for seniors. Online and credit retrieval classes must be completed.
  • June 6-10 – Senior Celebration Week (stay tuned for details)
  • June 8 – Last day to buy Prom tickets
  • June 9 – Download any needed documents from OneDrive (access will be lost in July) 
  • June 9&10 – Senior finals/projects need to be completed. Senior locker clean out. 
  • June 10 – Prom (8pm)…final day for Seniors to turn in any work
  • June 13 – Yearbook distribution 6th period
  • June 13 – Pick up check-out form from LA teacher or main office for RS students 
  • June 13 – Senior Awards Night (time TBD)
  • June 15 – Senior sendoff assembly
  • June 15 – Senior check-out form due (from all Seniors including RS)
  • June 16 – MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal – In order to walk at graduation, seniors are required to attend graduation rehearsal at LHS on Thursday June 16. On that day, there will be a senior brunch and senior activities beginning at 9:15, with rehearsal beginning at 11:15. Rehearsal will finish at 1:15 and seniors are asked to leave campus at that time.
  • June 16 – Graduation 8:00pm, Memorial Stadium Doors open at 7pm (pick up Diplomas) followed by Spree
  • June 17 – Last day of class for Seniors (per district)

Graduation Details

Graduation is Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 8:00 pm at Memorial Stadium (401 5th Ave N). Doors open at 7:00.

  • In order to walk at graduation, seniors are required to attend graduation rehearsal at LHS on Thursday June 16. On that day, there will be a senior brunch and senior activities beginning at 9:15, with rehearsal beginning at 11:15. Rehearsal will finish at 1:15 and seniors are asked to leave campus at that time.
  • In order to walk at graduation, seniors must have completed all state and district required components for graduation. Please work with your senior to ensure they are responding to emails from counselors and teachers.
  • Tickets are free. Seniors will receive six tickets in mentorship on Thursday June 2 or Friday June 3, and can ask for additional tickets in the counseling office through the end of the day on Wednesday June 15. In order to ensure that guests at graduation are associated with a graduating senior, only current LHS seniors will be able to pick up tickets. Senior guests that need specialized seating can be accommodated – there will be a form for students to fill out with those requests also available on June 2/3.
  • Seniors must arrive at Memorial Stadium between 7:00-7:30 pm. Graduates will enter the stadium at the lower athletic entrance, and guests will enter at the upper main entrances. All guests will be seated in the lower section of the stands, on both the north and south sides. Please refrain from bringing air horns or similar items.
  • Parking at graduation is in paid lots. Nearby lots include the Gates Foundation (500 5th Ave S) and the Mercer Street Garage (630 3rd Ave N).
  • After the ceremony, you will meet your graduate at the International Fountain.
  • Seniors will receive their diploma at the ceremony. Graduates who do not attend the ceremony can pick up their diploma over the summer in the LHS main office.

Requesting Transcripts

If you are applying and/or have been accepted to a 4-year college, you may have received OR will be receiving an automated email reminder from them to send in a mid-year transcript.  It might feel threatening.  Not to worry.

The counseling department wants you to know that those transcripts will be ready by 2/11 AND we will be sending them to your colleges for you.  There is no need to request them from us or pick them up.

If you applied to a college, not using Common App or Coalition, please uses the following information to request mid-year transcripts AFTER February 11.

Students can request one unofficial copy of their transcript to use for applying to colleges by emailing You will receive an email reply back within 48 hours with a PDF copy attached so be sure to check your school email regularly after requesting a copy.

Students can request up to 5 free official copies of their transcript by emailing from their school email. Additional official transcripts can be requested at $2/transcript paid for through SchoolPay. Official transcripts will be sealed in a Lincoln envelope for students to pick up from the Counseling office to address, provide postage and mail themselves to their selected colleges. Please allow a few days for printing and sealing. Students will be notified via their school email when the official transcripts are ready for pick up. Please make sure the colleges you are applying to require an official copy before submitting requests!

Recommendation Letters

A few important reminders about recommendation letters. If you want a letter from a staff member, you need to formally ask them before filling out the recommendation letter link. Please do not forward staff links to other students. In addition, you need to be checking your school email and/or teams messages periodically in case there is an issue with your request and the teacher has been trying to get hold of you. If teachers are not able to complete your request because they cannot get hold of you, they will not be able to upload your letter. And finally, remember that you should not request a recommendation letter unless the college or scholarship requires it.

Recommendation Letter Request Process

  1. Student asks for Teachers/Counselors for link to Recommendation Letter Request form.  Teacher consider request, then share link (Mentorship Teachers and Counselors will a post link in Schoology Page).
  2. Student will complete the Recommendation Letter Request Word Document of the questions.  Student can copy and paste answers when completing other requests for letters.
  3. Students should check their email or Teams regularly to make sure they don’t miss the submission. Student will make sure the teacher has all the necessary information and links needed to submit a letter of recommendation.
  4. After student submits form, teacher will have 3 weeks to submit the letter after the form was submitted.

Parents and families: Please help us support the college application process by refraining from sharing teacher and counselor letter of recommendation forms and encouraging your student to reach out to their desired recommenders in a kind and professional manner to receive the form. Counselors presented the process to request a letter of recommendation from teachers and staff to 12th grade students in September. The whole staff is following the same process and students are welcome to ask any teacher or counselor if they have any questions about that. The steps of the process can also be found in your student’s counselor’s Schoology page in the slides from the September presentation. We appreciate your partnership.

FAQs about the College Application Process

This information was provided in a parent information night last year (the presentation is still live on Lincoln’s website) and in school presentations to students, and directly in an email to students. In addition, this is solely dependent on the student and their specific applications – there is no one size fits all college application timeline, only a general idea or overview. Here are some general things to keep in mind:

  1. Narrow your college list focus: 3 6 is the goal
  2. Determine how the colleges receive applications
  3. Create your accounts in application portals:
    • Common App
    • The Coalition
    • SendEDU
    • Individual College Portals
  4. Feeling unsure about your options next year? Make an appointment with your counselor!

This information was presented to students during Mentorship in early September. All letter of recommendation requests need to come from the student.

Information about colleges can be found on each college’s website. If your student has a specific question for a college, they can call or email any admissions office and ask them questions.

See the Spring presentation. We also presented great resources in the Fall meeting, like Naviance has a college search, College Board, Big Future, etc. If a student feels stuck in what they’re looking for, they can make an appointment with their counselor to talk it through.

As a newly opened school, we don’t have any alumni that have been to college recent enough for their information to be relevant. We are working with SPS to provide virtual college representative info sessions.

This was covered in a Spring meeting, including providing resources and essay prompts. Slides are attached. This is also another example of this being very student and/or college-specific.

All slides for presentations counselors give in Mentorship are provided in our Schoology pages so that they can be accessed later by students. If after reviewing all of the information as a family your student needs more support or has more questions, please have them make an appointment with their counselor to expand on the information that has already been given. Making an appointment can be done by a student by emailing or Teams messaging their counselor directly, or accessing the Bookings app on the counselor’s Schoology. Students should check their school email and Teams frequently to make sure they do not miss any responses from their counselor.