AP Information

AP Testing Information 2021-22

Please Note: To register students must create a College Board account.  In preparation for SAT/PSAT testing, AP testing, ALL Lincoln students will be creating a CollegeBoard account in Mentorship if they do not already have one.  Students should only create one College Board account. If they already have an account from the previous year, they should continue to use it! They only need one College Board account for AP, PSAT, SAT, registrations. It is very important that students NOT use their SPS email address as they CANNOT receive emails from the College Board. They should use a personal email address.  Students should also use their LEGAL NAME when registering with CollegeBoard.  

For AP Students:  AP students will enroll in class sections. Here is a one-page guide for students (.pdf/942 KB) with step-by-step instructions for joining class sections or exam only sections through My AP.  Students will get the specific section join code from their AP teacher.

Following are some very important deadline, fee, testing schedule, and late testing restriction information:

  1. SPS Deadline for AP Exam Registration and Fees Payment for 2021-2022
    • Friday, November 5, 2021
    • This district wide deadline to finalize student registration on AP Registration and Ordering (APRO) and collect fees from students for AP exams is meant to provide all building AP Coordinators time to work with students, staff, and families to ensure all interested students have the opportunity to register for AP exam(s) by the deadline set by the College Board without incurring the late fee of $40 per test this year.
  2. SPS AP Exam Fee for 2021-2022
    • To offset the costs related to the AP exam administration, all students will pay $103 per exam during the 2021-2022 school year, unless the student is eligible for FRL-associated fee waivers/reductions.
    • A $40 per-test fee will be applied to the following:
      • Late test orders – exams ordered after the November 15th deadline
      • Late-testing requests – exams with requests not covered under allowable circumstances
      • Unused/cancelled exams – exams not taken by student or cancelled after the final ordering deadlines.
      • PLEASE contact Sara Tuttle if you have a student who need assistance paying for AP Exams 
    • SPS Late Registration Policy (“New” for 2021-2022)
      1. Due to the high volume of AP exam registrations at Seattle Public Schools, we will continue to follow the pre-pandemic district policy of accepting no late registrations from students who are already enrolled in yearlong AP courses.
      2. This will appear to be a “new” policy for AP students and families who have become accustomed to the pandemic-related fees and registration adjustments that College Board has provided during the last two years. However, because the College Board has announced a return to their regular in-person AP exams during the 2-week May testing window, Seattle Public Schools will also return to this established policy to standardize processes for all AP Coordinators this upcoming year.
    • AP Exam Dates  – 2022 exam dates are now available.
      • The College Board has also published their late testing schedule. Please note that unlike last year, late testing will not be allowed for students at SPS this year unless there is a documented health issue on the day of testing or a sports conflict (that is approved through the College Board). The late testing window is not the same as the different Admin Windows from the 2020-2021 AP exams.

The Lincoln AP Coordination team will be checking in on AP Exam registrations and payments as we get close to the deadline.