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AP Testing Information 2021-22


We will mark students who are taking the exam as in-school excused during the exam. PLEASE review your testing rosters for those who are NOT taking the exam in your AP Dashboard. Students who have opted out of the exam should report to their classes and will not automatically be marked excused. Students who do not wish to attend classes before or after their exams (AM or PM start times) will need to coordinate their absence with their parents and have parents contact the attendance office.


The front doors by the main office will open at 7AM on exam days. Students should report to their assigned exam location – see attached schedule – (Gym, library, 437 or 433) at either 7:45AM or 11:45AM and line up outside of the doors to be checked in. At the time of check in, they will be given a ticket to the exam and their AP ID Label sheet. They should have their supplies with them(see attached list on schedule), NOT in a their backpack (Clear ziplock recommended). Best practice calls for students to bring ID for check in. While it is not required for enrolled students testing at their home school, we do encourage it as skill practice!

2022 AP Exam Refund Policy

Students who are unable to take the AP exam(s) after their exam has been ordered for any reason are eligible for a partial refund of $56 per exam.

Students only receive a partial refund because of the fees that the College Board charges for all changes to exam orders after November 15, 2021, and the administrative fee that Seattle Public Schools charges to administer the exams districtwide.

The AP Coordinator at your school will work to refund the $56 per exam for any unused AP exams through SchoolPay following the completion of AP exam administration at your school. Families can expect refunds between May 20th and June 17th, but the timing may vary at each school. Please note that processing refunds is quickest for credit card payments and will post within 1-3 days after the refund process is initiated at your school. Any AP exams that were paid for with cash or check will require several additional weeks of processing time for a refund.

Please reach out to Lincoln Fiscal Clerk, Perry Lee, for questions regarding your refund.


PLEASE advise students to eat BEFORE coming to the exam setting. Culinary services will be extending the time grab and go lunches are available during these two weeks to 11am-12pm. The College Board does not allow food or drink in the exam. If students would like to be able to access food and drink during testing, they must bring their snack in a clear ziplock bag so that the contents are visible and bring a clear water bottle with no label so that the contents are visible. They may not access these during testing at all. They will only be able to access during the break time. Any food or water must be kept out of reach under their chair during testing.

Backpacks/Bags/Personal Items

It is highly recommended that students do not bring any backpacks or bags into the exam room. If students do need to bring a backpack or bag, they will be stored in a corner of the exam room near the front with the proctors from the time the student enters the exam area until the entire exam has concluded and students are dismissed. They will not be able access their backpacks for any reason during the exam, nor during the break. All electronics are banned from the exam room with the exception of approved calculators for approved exams (students must provide their own). If a student has any electronic device, it must be powered off and put into their backpack and stored at the front of the room, or given to the proctors and stored in the testing box until the exam is dismissed. Electronics that make noise during the exam could cause a disqualification per the College Board. This includes phones, smart watches, tablets, wireless earbuds, etc.


Students with accommodations will receive an email, cc’d to their teacher, with their specific testing location (most often the library) to report to for their exam. Please let them know to look for it on their SPS email!

Exam Room FYI

Students need to listen very carefully to all instructions given during the exam administration. They may not move ahead or be behind the proctors direction at any time and they may not open any part of the exam until instructed to do so. Students must be quiet and wait until the room is dismissed if they finish early. Proctors will distribute and collect all exam materials before starting and ending the exam, including AP ID Label sheets that will be handed out and collected back even for students taking multiple exams.


Students should try to wait for break times to use the restroom as the exam timing does not stop except for scheduled breaks. Breaks are 10 minutes between sections and it will go quickly! If a student needs to use the restroom during the exam, they will need to raise their hand and wait for a proctor to come to their desk, and the exam timer will continue meaning students need to carefully monitor their completion and time lost for bathroom use during and exam section. Only one student at a time may leave the general exam setting to use the bathroom during a testing section.


Students may not discuss any aspect of the exam during breaks. Students may not access or touch any exam materials during the breaks. Students may not access their backpacks or any electronics during their breaks. If they have water in a clear water bottle and snacks in a clear ziplock bag under their desk, they may access those during the break as well as use the restroom.