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Lincoln High School initially opened in the fall of 1907 with 900 students. Over time, Lincoln grew, with multiple additions, before finally becoming a 4-year high school in 1971. In 1981, Lincoln was closed and since then the building was used for a variety of purposes including as an interim location for different Seattle schools during their renovations.

In February, 2013 Seattle voters approved a Building Excellence initiative which set in motion the modernization of the existing brick building allowing Lincoln High School to reopen in 2019!  The past two years, Lincoln has been at full capacity with over 1700 students in grades, 9-12 with a supportive and involved staff, PTSA, community and an active alumni group who are all excited to continue the Lincoln Lynx traditions as well as begin new ones. Learn more About Lincoln High School.

Learn with Passion. Act with Courage. Improve the World.

Watch the Message from Lincoln Principal, Dr. Corey Eichner video below or on YouTube

Message from Lincoln Principal, Dr. Corey Eichner

Student Assignment Fall 2024

Open Enrollment for School Choice for the 2024-25 school year will take place February 1-29, 2024 for students currently enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. View up-to-date information regarding school choice.

Open Enrollment is the annual period where students may first apply to attend a different school or program next year. The school choice period continues until May 31, but on-time applications are those received during Open Enrollment and will be processed with applicable tiebreakers. Choice applications are accepted through May 31 but are not eligible for priority tiebreakers. Open Enrollment results are typically available online in April.

Choice forms received after Open Enrollment closes will not be eligible for tiebreaker consideration but will be placed in the order received and by lottery number.

Who needs to complete a School Choice form during Open Enrollment?

  • All current SPS students residing in the Lincoln attendance area will automatically be assigned to Lincoln.  You DO NOT need to complete a choice form unless you are hoping to attend another area high school other than Lincoln. 
  • Students enrolled in an HC Pathway in 8th grade will receive an initial assignment to their pathway school (Lincoln) for HC services in 9th grade – these students DO NOT need to apply during open enrollment – unless they would like to attend their attendance area high school instead.   Students eligible, but not enrolled as HC, will receive an initial assignment to their attendance area high school. These students may also apply during Open Enrollment to attend their HC pathway high school (Lincoln – based on where they live) and will receive placement at this site.
  • Dual Language Immersion students living outside the Lincoln attendance area boundary desiring to continue to Lincoln, must file a choice form during Open Enrollment.  Mark the application “Dual Language Immersion”.

Counseling Center

The counselors at Lincoln High School work with individual students and with groups to help them develop strategies for success in academics, and in considering their post-high school plans and future careers. Counselors challenge students to become aware of their individual strengths, to develop methods for dealing with difficulties, to set goals, to make choices and to consider consequences. More information about the Lincoln Counseling Center.

Watch the Counselor Information video below or on YouTube

Counseling Information and Course Information

Course Registration

SPS will release new student information to all schools on Friday, April 12. At that time, Lincoln will send a welcome email to our incoming students with specific course registration information. Look for an email coming from on Friday, April 12 if you expect to have an assignment to Lincoln. Course registration information with step-by-step instructions will also be posted on our website at that time. 

Registration for courses at Lincoln for current 8th grade Seattle Public School students will be done online through The Source. Students new to Seattle Public Schools, current SPS 9th, 10th and 11th grade students and any student enrolled after will register for classes using a Microsoft Forms link. 

In planning coursework, students will advance themselves both towards graduation requirements and through personal interests and explorations. Graduation requirements are outlined in School Board Policy 2415. The graduating class of 2021 and beyond must accumulate a minimum of 24 credits in specific coursework, meet standards on state exams, participate in 60 hours of service learning, and complete a High School and Beyond Plan. Specific information on each of these are outlined below. For additional information please visit the district’s graduation requirements page.

Check out our 2024-2025 Course Catalog to see a full listing of current courses.

Other information that can be found in the course catalog includes:

  • Courses by Department
  • Grading
  • Graduation Requirements
  • College Credit Options
  • Running Start

Watch the Graduation Requirements video below or on YouTube

Graduation Requirements

Project Based Learning & Exhibitions

Academically, Lincoln is founded in Project-Based Learning.  Students at Lincoln engage in learning that prepare them to navigate a complex and dynamic world through experiential learning that inspires students to think critically, solve problems and engage empathetically as global citizens.  Lincoln uses the Stanford Design Model as a framework for students to engage students in our Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Students will be exposed to a range of PBL opportunities where they face authentic problems and prompt the development and application of their knowledge and skills in all disciplines – language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts – with meaningful career and technology connections and innovations.

All 9th graders take a Human Centered Design Course through our Career and Technical Education (CTE) department.  In this course, students are introduced to our design model and are exposed to the variety of tools and resources available to them in our FAB Lab.

Every spring, students participate annual Exhibition of Student Learning each spring where students have engaged with authentic problems and are showcasing the application of their knowledge and skills from across all disciplines.  This is an event that is open to the public that can open doors and provide opportunities for our students to partner with industry expertise as part of their post-secondary planning.

Learn more about Lincoln’s Project-Based Learning and Student Exhibitions

Watch the Exhibitions at Lincoln video below or on YouTube

Exhibitions at Lincoln

Lincoln House System

At Lincoln the social/emotional welfare of our students is important to us as part of the learning environment.  Students at Lincoln HS are placed into individual mentorship (advisory) classes when they arrive as new students. Each mentorship is assigned to one of four different houses, which will ensure that incoming freshmen and new transfer students have a group they can be immediately connected with. This will also create a system wherein older students will feel connected to and responsible for younger students, as spirit competitions and assemblies are structured around house vs house competition rather than class vs class. Students will stay with their house for all four years of high school.

Mentorship classes occur twice per week where students build community, receive lessons on social-emotional learning, get support with college/career planning, and receive academic supports.

At Lincoln we encourage ALL students to participate in high school life beyond the classroom through a club, a sport or extra-curricular activities. We want students to know that there is a place for them at Lincoln—that they are seen and heard.

The Four Houses at Lincoln:

  • Alki – Triangle
  • Madrona – Square
  • Mohai – Oval
  • Pike – Circle

Lynx Crew

Lynx Crew is a high school transition program built on the belief that students can help students succeed in high school by training upper classman to be Lynx Leaders.  Lynx Crew is our peer orientation program for 9th graders.

We know that transitioning to high school life is exciting, stressful, and maybe even scary–all at the same time! Our Lynx Crew is here to support you on your way starting with Orientation at the start of school and providing team-building, information, support and guidance throughout the school year.

Learn more about student life at Lincoln from Athletics to Clubs to Spirit Gear and more.

Watch the Lynx Crew video below or on YouTube

Lynx Crew

Athletics and Activities

Lincoln High School encourages all students to explore and participate in our athletic program. Lincoln embraces the student-athlete approach to our program and works closely with our coaches and students in support of their success both on and off the field.  Registration for all sports is done electronically via FinalForms which is the platform used by all SPS schools for athletics registration and will take place in May TBD. Learn more about Athletics at Lincoln.

Student clubs at Lincoln High School are an important part of the high school experience, and are intended to provide all students with a place to create connections and explore different facets of their identity and interests. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive and equitable platform for all students entering Lincoln. See a list of the clubs currently offered at Lincoln.

Watch the Athletics and Activities video below or on YouTube

Athletics and Activities

Academic and Social Emotional Support

Academic Support Center & BASH (Before & After School Help)

Lincoln offers academic support to students in a variety of ways from the Academic Support Center open during school hours to BASH. During BASH students can drop-in to complete homework, join study groups, collaborate with classmates, get help from tutors and staff, or meet with Lincoln’s Academic Dean, Ms. Pentecost. More information about academic supports.

Watch the Student Support Services video below or on YouTube

Student Support Services

Teen Health Center

The Teen Health Center is located at Lincoln High School and is operated by Neighborcare Health, a community health center with funding support from the City of Seattle’s Families and Education Levy. The Teen Health Center is staffed full time by a Physician Assistant, Mental Health Therapists, and a Health Educator, providing all the services (and more) that your family doctor provides in a teen-friendly setting. More information about the Teen Health center.


The Lincoln Library is a place where the whole Lincoln Lynx community can come together to learn, read, explore, be inspired, and feel safe and seen. From vital information literacy instruction and research to after-school service learning and lunch hangouts, the library truly is an academic and social hub of Lincoln. The library is open before school, during lunch and after school until 4:30. Search our collection and stay connected to the Lincoln Library.  

Watch the Library Information and Access video below or on YouTube

Library Information and Access

Taking Classes Over The Summer for rising 9th Graders and Incoming New Students

We use SPS Policy/Procedure 2024 for questions regarding advancing in coursework over the summer for advancing in placement or for SPS credit.  Unfortunately, SPS Policy/Procedure 2024 does not allow us to approve incoming 9th graders to take classes to advance in their high school course progression before they enter high school.  If you have not had a chance to review the procedures on this, please take the time to look over the process and decision matrix for how buildings determine whether students are allowed to advance over the summer with first-time credit outside of SPS (see links below).  Policy/Procedure 2024 was updated in 2019.

For your reference, the FAQ for Policy/Procedure provides guidance for why middle school students are not able to take out-of-district courses to apply to the high school transcript (or to be used for placement). In the event an incoming 9th grader takes coursework over the summer, we will unfortunately not be able to honor those credits on the transcript or used to determine course placement.

Why can’t middle school students take out-of-district courses for addition to their future high school transcripts?

A: Out-of-district courses will not be approved for middle school students.  Principals in particular asked for this change because often, when middle school students take out-of-district courses, they are not adequately prepared academically for the courses they take in high school.  This negatively impacts the learning experience of that student and other students in the classroom. In addition, it should be noted that there are other ways for students to earn high school credits while in middle school through their school’s offerings.  Note that students will be permitted to take out-of-district courses with district approved programs like LEEP the summer before 9th grade.

SPS Procedure 2021

FAQ for Policy/Procedure 2024

Meeting the academic needs of our students is important.  At Lincoln, we work to provide additional opportunities for advancement to meet the needs of our students.  Advancement is built into our coursework through individual consultation with our teachers and more specifically through our Project-Based Learning and Exhibition of Student Learning.  During registration for 10th-12th grade, students are able to sign up to “double up” on courses in the areas of math and science (placement is not guaranteed with this), which is determined in the fall on a space available basis.  Additionally, we work with students during their junior and senior year with Running Start, which is a great way to advance in learning.