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    Attendance by the Numbers:

    2 DAYS: How much time you have to provide a valid excuse in writing or electronic message after an absence has occurred or it will remain unexcused.

    3 DAYS: When a planned absence form is due prior to the start of an absence.

    5 DAYS: Illness keeping you out 5 days in a row or longer?  You must provide a doctor’s verification note for it to be excused.

    7 DAYS: Seven unexcused absences in a month (or ten in a school year) will prompt attendance intervention and possibly require the district to file a truancy petition if absences continue.

    8 DAYS: If you miss the first 8 days of the start of school, you will no longer be enrolled in the Seattle Public Schools.

    10 MINUTES: If you miss more than 10 minutes of instruction time in a period, you will be marked absent for that period.

    10 DAYS: Your sick days will no longer be excused without a doctor’s note if you have already had 10 sick days in that school year. (This does not pertain to students with chronic conditions and have communicated with the school nurse.)

    20 DAYS: If you miss more than 20 consecutive days (unexcused or excused), you will cease to be enrolled in Seattle Public Schools.

    Attendance Specialist: Lori Miller
    Please email or send a written note to the attendance office to alert us of your student’s absence as soon as possible (no more than 2 days after absence). Include your student’s name and the reason for the absence. Open the tab on the left to see the District’s list of excused absences Lincoln’s early or temporary dismissal or policy.

    Planned Absence Form

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