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Lincoln Daily Bulletin

Week of 9/26- 9/30/2022

These announcements are read daily over the Lincoln PA system during 1st period

  • Hello students – the student store is open at lunch each day to pick up spirit gear and athletic bags. Please stop by to see Mr. Reed and pick up your items! (9/30)
  • Are you interested in clubs at Lincoln, but uncertain what all the LHS clubs are or how to join them? Information about club meeting times and locations, as well as student contacts for those clubs, can be found on the Lincoln ASB Schoology group under Resources–>Club Information.
  • Homecoming tickets are on sale now. To buy one, you must have your 2022-2023 student ID card. This week only, tickets are $15 with ASB and $20 without so make sure to buy them as soon as you’re able to. Prices will go up by $5 next week. Tickets will be on sale in the lower commons outside Mr. Lee’s office every day during lunch and after school, and will also be available before school on Thursday and Friday. (9/30)
  • Do you want to be part of the 2022 Homecoming court? Starting today (9/28) and running through the end of next week, any student can sign up to get a chance to be on the homecoming court. There will be lunch activities the week of Homecoming where you can compete to be the representative from your house. House finalists will be recognized at the assembly and dance. HOCO Court to learn more.
  • School pictures will begin on Monday through science classes and continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. You will get your school ID at the time of your photo. Remember that you cannot wear non-religious head coverings or use props in your ID photo, as it is considered a legal form of identification. If you purchase your ASB card before this Friday, your ASB sticker will be printed on your ID card. If you purchase your ASB card AFTER Friday, you will receive a sticker to add to your ID card instead. (9/28)
  • Hey Lynx! Are you interested in participating in a super fun, super awesome 5k to support the LGBTQ+ community? Join us on Sunday, October 2nd at Lower Woodland to run, walk or bike the Nikki Hiltz Pride 5k with your fellow lynx. Please email or on Outlook if you are interested! (9/30)

Support Lynx Athletics

All matches are subject to change! For the most up-to-date information visit the Metro League website.

Athletics registration for 2022-2023 sports is open. Go to the Athletics page for registration information.


  • Slow Pitch Softball @ Roosevelt (Lower Woodland) at 3:30 and 5:00 (DH)
  • JVC Soccer vs. Ballard (Lower Woodland) at 4:00
  • JV Football @ Roosevelt at 6:00


  • Golf vs. Cleveland (Jefferson Park GC) at 3:30
  • JV Soccer vs. Nathan Hale (Lower Woodland) at 4:00
  • Varsity Soccer @ Nathan Hale (Jane Addams) at 4:30
  • JVC Volleyball vs. Seattle Prep (Lynx Pavilion) at 4:15
  • JV Volleyball vs. Seattle Prep (Lynx Pavilion) at 5:30
  • Varsity Volleyball vs. Seattle Prep (Lynx Pavilion) at 7:00


  • Slow Pitch Softball vs. Chief Sealth (Lower Woodland) at 3:30 and 5:00 (DH)
  • Golf vs. Franklin (West Seattle GC) at 3:30
  • Cross Country (Lower Woodland) boys at 3:40, girls at 4:10
  • Ultimate Varsity vs. Garfield at 4:25 at Lower Woodland 7
  • Ultimate JV Red vs. Northwest at 4:25 at Green Lake
  • Ultimate JV Black vs. Ballard JV at 4:15 at Lower Woodland 7


  • JV Soccer vs. Roosevelt (Lower Woodland) at 4:00
  • JVC Volleyball @ Roosevelt (Roosevelt HS) at 5:30
  • JV Volleyball @ Roosevelt (Roosevelt HS) at 5:30
  • Varsity Volleyball@ Roosevelt (Roosevelt HS) at 7:00
  • Varsity Soccer @ Roosevelt (Roosevelt HS) at 7:00


  • Swim & Dive @ Garfield (Medgar Evers Pool) at 4:00
  • JVC Soccer @ West Seattle (Walt Hundley Playfield) at 4:00
  • Varsity Football @ West Seattle (SWAC) at 5:00