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Welcome to the Lincoln High School Music Program! Lincoln High School had a successful 2023-2024 school year and we are looking forward to our program expanding. Our second jazz band has exploded and is continuing to grow and perform increasingly more sophisticated repertoire. Jazz 2 performed in 4 jazz festivals and received high praise from adjudicators. Our Jazz 2 teacher, Neil Welch, has done an amazing job and we are excited to have him back next year.

Jazz I is continuing to build a reputation for itself as a high-level ensemble. They performed at 5 jazz festivals in 2022-2023 and ranked first or second in each one including the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Commencement Bay Jazz Festival and took the sweepstakes at the Bellevue High School Jazz Festival. We look forward to having another successful and active year.

Jazz I meets zero hour everyday (before school; 7:45am-8:35am). Jazz II meets 3 days a week at the same time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. At this time, only Jazz I is offered for credit. All students, regardless of which jazz ensemble they are in, must also be enrolled in an ensemble during the day (Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion, or an orchestra). Exceptions are only made for pianists and guitarists.

Audition Materials:

Audition Requirements 2022-2023


  • Learn the jazz etude “Sunny Side Up.” We are listening for swing style and time. A live rhythm section will accompany you during your audition.
  • Solo two choruses over the chord changes to “Sunny Side Up”. The changes are based on the changes to the jazz standard “On the Sunny Side of the Street.”
  • (Optional) Prepared Piece – Play an excerpt or transcription of your choice. Please keep it short. Bring an accompaniment track if you desire to play with accompaniment.
  • Scales – Concert F Major and Concert D Major. Scales should be played with swung eighths.
  • Chromatic scale – Two octaves or full range. Up and Down. Play at a comfortable tempo.
  • Sight Reading – We will provide you with a short piece to sight read. You will play it with a rhythm section. We are listening for accuracy and swing feel.

Rhythm Section Members

  • Comp over the changes to “Sunny Side Up.”. Piano, guitar, and vibes will take solos. Basses and drums will have the option to trade 4s.
  • Comp over “Desfinado”. Piano should plays melody and chords if possible. We are listening for your ability to play a bossa nova/Latin comp pattern. Guitar can just play the melody. Bass should be able to play a bossa nova pattern using the chords. Drummers should be able to play a bossa nova.
  • Drummers should also be able to demonstrate a fast swing, swing with brushes and a samba.