Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are outlined in School Board Policy 2415. The graduating class of 2021 and beyond must accumulate a minimum of 24 credits in specific coursework, meet standards on state exams, participate in 60 hours of service learning, and complete a High School and Beyond Plan. Specific information on each of these are outlined below. For additional information please visit the district’s grad requirements page.

  • English/Language Arts – 4.0
  • Social Studies – 3.0
  • Mathematics – 3.0
  • Science – 3.0
  • World Language* – 2.0
  • Health Education/PE – 2.0
  • Career Connected Learning – 1.0
  • Fine Arts* – 2.0
  • Electives – 4.0

Total Credits – 24.0

*Personalized Pathway: Students may opt to create a Personalized Pathway where they select courses that lead to a specific post high school career or educational outcome based on the student?s interests and High School and Beyond Plan. This pathway may include Career and Technical Education or World Languages and are intended to provide a focus for the student?s learning. Students can flex up to 2.0 or required World Language and 1.0 of Fine Arts to create added opportunities. Students interested n the Personalized Pathway should set up a meeting with their academic counselor.

State Exams

The class of 2021 and beyond, students are required to pass state determined exams or exam alternatives. State-approved alternatives are available for students that were not successful on their first attempt. Additional alternatives or modified assessments for students receiving special education services are available.

Tests typically taken in 10th grade:
ELA – Smarter Balance or WA-AIM
Math – Smarter Balance or WA-AIM

Tests typically taken in 11th grade:
Science – WCAS or WA-AIM

High School and Beyond Plan

The State of Washington requires all students to create a High School and Beyond Plan. Seattle Public Schools expects students entering grade 8 to begin to develop a 5-year plan including 4 years of high school courses, resume or activity log, and post high school career and college goals. The plan should be updated over time as the student develops high school plans. School counselors, staff and parents help students develop their individual plans in the district approved tools.

Service Learning

Seattle Public Schools requires students to complete 60 hours of service learning. Options for service learning is available through the counseling center.