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Source & Schoology Resources

Source and Schoology Resources

Source General Info:

  1. Parent/Guardian:
    • Must be in PowerSchool > Demographics > Student Contact
    • Parent/Guardian box must be selected
    • Valid email address must be on record
    • Same email address for each SPS student in their family
    • How parents/guardians set up Source accounts:
  2. Students
    • Can log on via the SPS Student Portal and then select the Source icon or go directly to the Source log in screen
    • Students log onto the Source with only their student username e.g.  1absmith and password
    • Forgotten password? 
    • School office staff, librarians and teachers can reset student passwords with the Teacher Password Reset Tool

Resources Students:

Schoology Student Guide

Source & Schoology Resources Parents & Guardians

Student log in information

Parent/Guardian Source & Schoology Account Set-Up Videos