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    2021-2022 Course Registration Timeline

    This page will be updated frequently as more information becomes available so please check back frequently!

    • April 9 – Lincoln High School receives list from the District of new students assigned to Lincoln HS for 21-22
    • April 10 – 18 - New Families receive welcome message from Lincoln through U.S. mail
    • April 12 – 16 – Spring Break for Seattle Public Schools students/staff
    • April 22 - Microsoft Teams presentation for new students and rising 9th graders at 6 p.m. ( Use this link to Join live event)
    • April 30 – Course Registration Deadline in The Source (current SPS students) and Microsoft Form for those coming from out-of-district
    • August 31 - Schedules will be available to families and students in The Source

    Watch the New Student Course Selection Video

    Watch New Student Course Selection video on YouTube.


    Current SPS Student Course Selection

    The Source is now open for course selection for Current SPS Students.


    New Student Course Selection

    New to SPS students will sign up for courses using the online course selection form: New to SPS ONLY

    Please refer to our COURSE CATALOG for information on course offerings, graduation requirements, and much more that will be helpful in planning for your course selections and learning career at Lincoln High School.

    PLEASE NOTE! Your 2021-22 class schedule is built completely on which courses & alternates you SUBMIT. If you do not complete this CRITICAL step within your registration window posted above, it could result in not getting the courses you wanted. Students who submit their requests earlier in the window don’t get special priority, so please take your time and choose carefully, but make sure do it by the deadline. Schedule changes in August will only be allowed for very special circumstances.


    2021-2022 Course Selection Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m nervous about being a high school student! - High School can definitely be intimidating and present new challenges, but we are here to support you! LHS has awesome supports, including your school counselor, tutoring, Before and After School Help, Saturday School (when we’re in-person full-time), and teachers who are here to help. Nerves are normal! High School is also a place where you will grow and change and learn a lot about yourself. We’re excited to welcome you!
    I’m in the DLI – what level of language do I sign up for?
    - You should sign up for Spanish 3 or Japanese 3 and may be moved after the placement process.

    Does Spanish Immersion World History 2/3 count for World Language or for Social Studies?
    - Immersion World History 2/3 in Spanish is a history class taught in Spanish language. It meets the requirement for Social Studies and not for World Language.

    Is World History Immersion being offered in Japanese next year?
    - LHS was not able to offer World History Immersion in Japanese next year, unfortunately.

    How can I take ASL?
    - LHS does not offer ASL at this time – please talk to your counselor next year if you are interested in taking ASL to meet your world language requirements.

    I’m fluent in Spanish but not in the Dual Language Immersion – can I take Immersion World History 2/3?
    - Yes! Please reach out to to get more information.

    Are there separate classes for HCC students?
    - All students have access to Honors courses and are not limited to HCC students. More information about specific subject course offerings are covered in the presentation and in the course catalog.

    I’m a parent and can’t find the course selection page on The Source!
    - Course selection is found on the student’s account for The Source. It is called “Course Registration” and is found on the left side of the main page. Course Selection cannot be completed from a parent account.

    Can I waive 9th grade PE with sports?
    - All 9th graders will take Personal Fitness and Health unless they are enrolled in a full-year music and world language class. You can still submit a waiver using sports participation during 9th grade to waive the remaining 1.0 credit requirement. More information about the PE waiver policy can be found in the Course Catalog.

    I’m a student taking world language and full-year music. How do I meet the graduation requirement for PE/Health?
    - The expectation is that all students take Health and at least one semester of PE at Lincoln. If it doesn’t fit in your 9th grade schedule, you will postpone PE/Health to a future year, and this will be evaluated with your counselor as you select courses each year.

    What is Engineering Design?
    - Engineering Design is a class that is taken by all 9th graders. It introduces the concepts of Design Thinking and the Fab Lab facilities at Lincoln, which are used throughout all subjects and grades in our commitment to Project-Based Learning.

    Can I take PE/Health online?
    - Students are not able to take courses for credit that are offered in the building, per School Board Policy.

    Can I take a class this summer so that I can move to a different level of math?
    - The Lincoln math department, administrator team, and counseling team do not recommend that students use online courses to “jump” math classes. You will be placed in the math class that is next in the progression from your current documented math class. If you choose to enroll in a OSPI accredited class over the summer, it cannot be placed on your transcript and there is no guarantee that you can use it for placement into another class in the fall, as that is subject to room in the course and equitable access.

    What is the benefit to College in the High School/Honors courses?
    - College in the High School offers the opportunity to access college coursework and purchase college credit from certain local colleges, depending on the course (more information in the Course Catalog). CIHS credits are transferrable to WA State public universities, community colleges, and trade schools. They may be transferrable to private or out-of-state schools, but that is dependent on the college. Honors courses are offered in math and offer a chance to experience more rigor. During college admissions, some colleges may weigh your grade point heavier with Honors and CIHS courses- these courses are weighed on a 4.5 scale instead of a 4.0 scale by colleges.

    How can I get earlier access to advanced coursework at Lincoln?
    - There are some ways that students can make a plan with their counselor to strategically gain access to more advanced coursework. In math, you may be able to “double up” in Algebra 1 and Geometry or Geometry and Algebra 2, by taking two math courses in the same year. The second math class takes the place of an elective. In science, students can “double up” with Chemistry B and AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, or Genome Sciences. More information can be found in the Course Catalog. Please reach out to if this is something you are considering as a 9th grader.

    How many hours of service learning can I do before high school?
    - Students can complete up to 15 hours of service learning in the summer between 8th and 9th grade. Links to the service learning form can be found on the LHS counseling website.

    I’m going to wait to take World Language and would like to take other classes in 9th grade. Is that allowed?
    - Yes! Please refer to the course catalog for course descriptions of our awesome Arts, CTE, and Elective classes.

    I’m coming from out-of-state/private school and haven’t taken WA State History – how can I take it?
    - We don’t offer WA State History as a class at the high school level but there will be a process for meeting this requirement later in your 11th or 12th grade year.

    I’m coming from out-of-state/private school and am currently an 8th grader. What math class will I take?
    - You will be placed in Algebra 1. If you have reason to believe that you have taken Algebra 1 already, please contact