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Breakfast and Lunch is free for all students for 2021-2022, but we do encourage you to fill out the free and reduced price form if your family is eligible because it qualifies a student for other discounts on things like AP testing fees, field trips and more. Fill out the Free and Reduced Price Meals Application.

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Lunch Procedures 

We are working to refine our lunch traffic flow and preparing for inclement weather. We are operating an open lunch to allow students to leave campus at lunch and have provided additional passing to make this possible.  We have opened all 5 floors for lunch access (including the library) to disperse students throughout the building and certain clubs also meet at lunch in classroom space which helps as well. Students do have access to our outdoor spaces and we have a request out in hopes to add tents so that we can maintain our outdoor option even during inclement weather.  All of our open seating has capacity posted and we encourage our students to maintain the 3-6 feet as much as possible while in common spaces and eating.    Right now, we have additional available space on some of our floors and we have been encouraging students to use this more to help spread students out.  Students who would like to access free lunch at school may do so through the one-way lunch line from the first floor and then disperse to eat in the common areas. Students must replace their mask over their mouth and nose when they have finished eating.