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    Q: How should I report Attendance?

    A: Send an email (from the email associated with your Source account) or send a
    written note to report attendance.

    Q: When should students stop by the attendance office?

    A: When arriving late to school after 8:55 am (get a pink slip), dropping off or picking up
    attendance forms, delivering attendance notes from parents/guardians & doctors, picking up an early dismissal pass, when signing out (going home sick or heading to an appointment), and/or returning from an appointment (temporary dismissal), and when arriving to school after 8:55 am.

    Q: Do students sign in at the attendance office when late (any period)?

    A: No, go straight to class. Teachers will mark students late or absent. Exception: When arriving to school more than 10-minutes late (after 8:55 am).

    Q: What do students do if they were in class but incorrectly marked late or absent?

    A: Students should speak to their teachers to clear attendance errors; parents & guardians
    cannot clear/excuse these period-only absences on the student’s behalf.

    Q: Which absences need a Planned Absence Form versus email or note?

    A: Whenever the absence is foreseen or planned, whether it’s considered a “valid excuse” or not.  Click on the Attendance Guidelines link on this page, then the Excused Absences tab to see the Seattle School District list of Valid Excuses.

    Q: What if a student forgets to hand in a Planned Absence form before an absence?

    A: Planned Absence forms should be completed and handed in to the attendance office 3 days prior to the absence. If the student forgets to submit the form, then drop it off no more than 2 school days after the completion of the absence, then the absence will be considered for excusal.

    Q: What about recurring medical appointments requiring a student to leave early at the same time, same day, each week?

    A: Make sure to turn in a Planned Absence form (extended medical) with the appointment
    information; each semester a new Planned Absence form will need to be completed, even if
    the appointment details don’t change. Only the teachers of the missed periods need to
    sign the form.

    Q: When is it too late to excuse an absence?

    A: You now have two (2) days to update attendance from the date of absence.

    Q: How do students get excused early or leave school temporarily for appointments?

    A: The early or temporary dismissal request must be made at least one (1) hour in advance via email or hand-written note. A dismissal pass is then issued to the student. The student uses this pass to leave their class early, then signs out in the office before exiting campus. Parents should NOT just drop by unannounced to pick up students. Ideally the attendance office should be notified of early dismissal needs before the start of the school day, then students pick up their dismissal passes before first period or during lunch.

    Q: What happens if a student leaves school and doesn’t sign out?

    A: Their absence will remain unexcused.

    Q: What if a student is feeling sick at school and wants to go home?

    A: They must see the nurse and get a release to leave. If they leave without the pass from the nurse, the absence will be unexcused.

    Q: Can a parent call to request their student leave early when they feel sick?

    A: So long as it meets the early dismissal guidelines…must be in advance (at least an hour);
    otherwise the student needs to be seen by the nurse first for a more immediate dismissal.

    Q: What if parents can’t pick their student up; can someone else?

    A: So long as “someone else” is listed as a contact in their record; or written authorization is
    sent. Students can also use public transportation or walk home with parent consent as well.

    Q: What if a student walks out of class or goes to the bathroom and stays out too long?

    A: Teachers may record the student left early or mark them unexcused absent depending on how long the student was gone from the classroom. If a student misses more than 10 minutes of class, they are technically absent.

    Q: How is attendance updated for in-school participation/events (assembly prep,
    counselor meetings, PSAT, College/Career day,etc.)?

    A: Attendance is taken at the meeting or event, verified, then submitted to attendance for entry.  Allow 48 hours for these attendance updates to be made (check your SOURCE account to verify completion within 48 hours).

    Q: How is early dismissal for sports handled?

    A: The coach submits a list to the attendance office; the list is distributed to teachers; the
    teachers dismiss the student; attendance will be updated by next day. Parents cannot excuse students for sports early dismissals.