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    Weekly Learning Resources From Lincoln Teachers
    Posted on 03/15/2020

    Week of June15

    Most teacher tabs have been updated for the week of June 15. If the teacher's tab has a date different from June 15 the information has not been updated yet. We hope to have that teacher's information updated soon!

    Schedule Change for This Week: Yesterday, we received communication from the central office on a change of expectations for classes this week. Thursday, 6/18 will be our last day of official classes with our students. To accommodate this, we are adjusting our schedule to balance time so that teachers can say goodbye to all their students.

    Thursday, 6/18: Modified 6-period day – class will be 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks and lunch.   Bell schedule for Thursday:

    1st 10-10:25
    2nd 10:30-10:55
    3rd 11:00-11:25
    Lunch 11:25-12:00
    4th: 12:00-12:25
    5th: 12:30-12:55
    6th: 1:00-1:25

    Click here for a printable copy of the Remote Learning Weekly Planner to help you stay organized while learning from home!

    End-of-Year Survey: We are asking students to take an end-of-year survey regarding how distance learning went this semester. It is only open to students (they have to be logged in to Office 365 for the link to work), it is anonymous, and will close on June 19. This will take between 10-20 minutes to complete for most students.

    Vote on The Lincoln Constitution: The Lincoln HS ASB Constitution gives the structure for student participation in all student activities. It creates the parameters for student voice and representation at LHS, and is an important part of the structure of student government. We have been using an interim (temporary) constitution that expires at the end of the school year, and it is time to have the student body vote on a more permanent version. This is not a perfect document, but is intended as a starting point that will be revisited each year and adjusted as needed.  Voting opens today, using the link below, and closes on Wednesday June 17 at midnight. According to our current constitution, the new constitution needs to be approved by 60% of the student body that chooses to vote.

    Here are the questions and answers from the student survey about the constitution:

    Lynx Crew (Link Crew) Applications: Any current 9th or 10th grade LHS student can apply to be part of the Lynx (Link) Crew freshman transition/peer mentor program for the 2020-2021 school year. Interested students should submit their application here no later than June 19.