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    Weekly Student Announcements
    Posted on 03/15/2020

    Announcements for the Week of 3/8/2021

    Announcements will be published by Monday morning on a weekly basis.  To be included, announcements must be submitted by noon on Friday.  To submit an announcement please use this link:

    • Congratulations to both the boys and girls cross-country teams who both won the first meet of the season against Ingraham High School. The boys team were led by Quinn Hoisington who placed second in the race with a school record time of 18:02. Additional members of the varsity top 5 were Ian Agopsowicz, Nolan Todd, William Havard, and Jakson Currit. The girls team's upset of Ingraham was led by freshman, Tali Braester, who ran an outstanding school record time of 18:26 for the 5K race. Tali's teammates, Ella Monaghan, Samantha Taylor, Ella Blau, and Estelle Savoye rounded out the varsity team that overcame Ingraham 23-33.

    • An update to registration for 2021-2022. Individual meetings are running longer than anticipated. Counselors will be meeting with ALL students. If you did not meet with your counselor during the original assigned time additional meetings will be happening the weeks of March 1-12 as make up for all grades.

    • Athletic bags are now available for pre-order from now through March 26. Bags are $70 with personalization and $65 without. Bags will be available to pick up right after Spring Break. This will be the last round of orders until this summer, so if you are wanting a bag for spring or fall sports, place your orders now! All bags come with a shoulder strap. Links are available on your Schoolpay page, or place an order using these links:

    • Lincoln Outdoors Club Free Avalanche Safety / Winter Recreation Webinar The Lincoln Outdoors Club (LOG) is pleased to present an avalanche safety webinar designed specifically for Lincoln students who are exploring winter recreation in the backcountry, from snowshoeing and winter hiking, to backcountry skiing, snowboarding and winter camping. Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) Youth Ambassador Aaron Banse will share how to be aware of and avoid avalanches to support student outdoor adventurers’ decision-making in the field. All Lincoln students (and families/guardians) are welcome to attend. Friday, March 5, 7-8:30 p.m. Log-in information for the Zoom webinar will be posted on March 1 on the ASB Schoology group under the LOG Club page. If you have trouble accessing the Zoom link there, please email Liz Banse, and she will email it to you.

    • Come to investment Club, where we will discuss investing strategies, learn financial literacy skills, and run a simulated stock market for members to try investing! We hope you join us on Thursdays at 3:30pm. Link on Schoology.

    • The new Lincoln Mural Club is looking for artistic participants! We are a group of students with the goal of creating meaningful community art at Lincoln, through murals. If you are interested in practicing project management or mural design this is the club for you. Our first meeting is Thursday, March 4th at 3pm. Contact Jayden Coffey or Lucia Hansom for the link.

    • There is a new club being started called Water1st where we will meet at lunch once every two weeks on Teams starting March 9. We will discuss the pressing issue of the water crisis and what role we can play. We are a chapter of a volunteer organization called Water1st. You can obtain service hours by attending meetings regularly and advocating for Water1st International. For more information go to @water1st_linolnhs and fill out the google forms, if you don't have instagram go to the ASB Schoology page. If you need more information email,,,or

    • Credit Waiver: The state legislature has passed a bill authorizing the state board of education to allow certain credits to be waived due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In their March meeting, the board will decide how to implement credit waivers and is taking public comment until March 5th. To get your voice heard, fill out the survey at There is a video explaining the program that can be found at This program applies mostly to the classes of 2021 and 2022, but will affect all high school students impacted by the pandemic.

    • The Spring season for Lincoln Boys Lacrosse is scheduled for 4/19 - 6/19. Registration will open soon, and we still need more players. Look for us on Instagram (lincoln.lacrosse), Facebook (Lincoln High School Boys Lacrosse Club),, or talk to a friend that plays.

    • PE Waivers Eligibility and Process - There have been some questions come up regarding eligibility and the process for PE waivers at Lincoln High School and SPS. We have updated our course catalog with information to address these questions. Please visit pages 8-9 on our course catalog for information about PE Waivers. The Lincoln course catalog can be found at: or on the Counseling page of the Lincoln webpage using the District Counseling Forms link.