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    Lincoln Lynx Alumni Association Hosts Open House
    Posted on 09/26/2019
    Alumni in front of LincolnThe Lincoln Lynx Alumni Association hosted an Open House event at Lincoln High School on Wednesday, September 25 for it's members and any Lincoln alumni.
    The expected crowd of a few hundred quickly ballooned to over a thousand attendees as the evening progressed.  The event started at 4pm but eager alumni had already gathered in front of the historic Lincoln building as early as 3pm in anticipation of seeing the renovations to their beloved alma mater.
    The event feature opportunities from posing with Lenny the Lynx to gathering in designated classrooms with your graduating class to purchasing Lynx gear to wandering down memory lane with memorabilia brought in from district archives.
    Alumni from the Class of 1940 all the way to the Class of 1981 were in attendance.