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    First Ever Lincoln Student Film Festival
    Posted on 11/03/2020
    Lincoln High Film Fest

    November 16th through 20th will be Lincoln's first ever student film festival! Students have been hard at work these past several weeks producing short films of all genres and styles for your viewing pleasure. We will be showing films on every night of the week, Monday through Thursday at 7:00 pm, and presenting awards at a virtual ceremony on Friday the 20th. Films will be awarded by our lineup of jurors, who are all active members of Seattle's film community.

    Links for the Film Fest will be provided before the event but will not be "live" until the day and time of the event:

    Night #1 Monday, November 16th: (Link goes live at 7pm.) Welcome to night one of the Lincoln High School Film Festival!  We hope you enjoy tonight's films.  Tonight we will be showing these films:

    1. Overwhelmed by Amelia F: 2020 is a crazy year and life in general can sometimes just feel like too much. It can make people feel anxious or worried and depressed. For me, it's overwhelming.
    2. Just Send It – a Mountain Bike Documentary by Nathaniel B, Donovan R, Lucas S-R, and Finn W: A look into what mountain biking means to different people. This documentary explores different riders and their riding styles.

    Night #2 Tuesday, November 17th: (Link goes live at 7pm.) Tonight we will be showing these films:

    1. Journey of the Century by Shaylah G, Elena H, and Dahna K: In Dinotown on Halloween, the action-packed, animated short film Journey of the Century follows the story of Penny, a mischievous little penny that has a big passion for flight. Even though the way isn’t easy for a coin worth a single cent, Penny's unshakable confidence (along with help from a new friend, Copper, along the way), lets her soar past obstacles on what is, indisputably, the journey of the century.
    2. UNMASKED by Franny H, Nico M, Maddox S, and Liam S: Innocent friends tremble in trepidation, as a guilty world threatens to swallow them whole. There is no escape for the wicked, but who's to say what's criminal and who's innocent?

    Night #3 Wednesday, November 18th: (Link goes live at 7pm.) Tonight we will be showing these films:

    1. Sheba the Amoeba by DJ CAT Productions: A stop-motion animation comedy about an experiment gone wrong.
    2. October (An Opening) by Rune Seven: A short collage of clips, showing the state of the world during COVID-19. This short film is simply designed to be a snapshot of how the world is right now.
    3. Toxic by Lincoln Dance Team: Dance team has been practicing via zoom for a month, to meet in person safely and film Toxic.

    Night #4, Thursday, November 19th: (don't forget to order pizza from Mod in Fremont!)  Tonight we will be showing these films:

    1. Hippie Happenings by Alice E, Audrey E, Cordelia F, Madeline F, Lindsay M, Madeline R, and Naomi Y: Three hippies are interviewed about being a hippie.
    2. In Pursuit of Grieg by Metta B, Lily S, and Lindsey W: The numerous adventures of the pineapple Grieg Cadmium Flippy Flip Jr. the second.
    3. Mirror World by Veronica C, Natalia F, Sonya F, Liana H, and Estelle S: Two friends accidentally create a portal to another dimension where everything is mirrored and are being hunted by those who have been trapped in the mirror world.

    Night #5, Friday, November 20th - Awards Ceremony:

    Vote for your Favorite!: You can vote for your favorite by completing the Viewer's Choice form here (you must use your SPS student account to vote):

    If you are having trouble viewing the live events, the videos can be viewed here:

    As part of this event, we are also partnering with MOD pizza to host a fundraiser:

    What/When: Order pizza from MOD Pizza in Fremont on November 19, 2020 to support Lincoln's ASB so that they can keep organizing great events like this! View the event flyer.

    How: When you order, use Promo code: GR167126L (not the code listed on the flyer! Though the flyer will work if ordering in person!)

    Where: Fremont MOD Pizza
    3401 Fremont Ave N
    Seattle, WA