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    School Messenger Email Sent to Families
    Posted on 09/25/2020
    Family Email sent 9.25.2020

    The following content was sent via SchoolMessenger email to parents/guardians on Friday, September 25.  If you did not receive the email please first check all your email folders, then check that your School Messenger communication preferences are fully set to receive notifications from the school and district: If you are still not receiving emails after updating your communications preferences, then please email and we will try to troubleshoot problem.

    Good Afternoon Lincoln Families,

    Thank you for another successful week here at Lincoln! We loved seeing your students during distribution this week! If your student missed any supplies or materials at distribution, please have them reach out to their teachers. Another distribution date will be coming in October. 

    As a reminder, you can also get additional information and updates on our website or by following us on social media. If you have specific questions or needs, our main office is available to answer questions from 9AM-1PM daily by calling 206-413-2500. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

    In this update you will find information on the following:

    • Curriculum Nights, Oct 7-9 (New Dates!!!!)
    • Online Learning Protocols – Revisited
    • Athletics Update
    • Embedded Honors Course Information
    • Technology Support (ongoing post)
    • Bell Schedule with Note

    Curriculum Nights

    We will be hosting asynchronous Curriculum nights October 7th - 9th. This will be a self-paced event for families to view welcome videos and navigate the Schoology pages of your student’s schedule. Our Curriculum Night is intended to be “attended” by both families and students. We hope that you find the videos and information available on the Schoology pages helpful in getting to know our teachers in this virtual environment. More information coming soon!

    Online Learning Protocols - Revisited

    As we enter our 4th week of distance learning, we have begun to experience some intentional behavior from students that have created distractions that could lead to unsafe learning environments.
    As a family, please have a discussion with your student to review expectations of participation and behavior in our remote classrooms to promote a safe and positive online learning culture.

    Guidelines for students:

    1. We are asking students to login using their SPS email, their own name, and with camera on for attendance. If an exception to the login norms is needed, the student should pre-arrange with the teacher how they will enter the class.
    2. Students must keep class meeting links secure by not sharing with others outside of their class roster.
    3. Teachers will admit students from the waiting room one at a time. Please be patient.
    4. Chat feature will be monitored for appropriate engagement.
    5. Come to class on time, ready to learn and participate. Be mindful of your surroundings.
    6. Communicate clearly with your teacher when something is not going well
    7. You may opt to have your video/image not visible at times. However, we request that you upload a photo of your own face as an icon if you choose not to turn on your camera.
    8. Treat other students and staff as they want to be treated. Malicious, harassing, and hateful speech or images in any format will not be tolerated.
    9. Be ready to start class at the time class begins – log in a bit early if you can – and be prepared to stay engaged until the end of the period

    Lincoln Staff is committed to working with students and reaching out to partner with families when these norms are not being upheld in our classrooms. Thanks for you continued support.

    Athletics Update

    If you are planning to participate in Lincoln athletics, please visit our Lincoln athletic website for links to FamilyID to complete the registration process. As a reminder, physicals need to be completed every two years and must be uploaded to FamilyID using the SPS physical form. Once registered and an updated physical is uploaded our Athletic Director can approve your student for practicing.
    Voluntary practices for select sports start Monday, September 28th. This one-time coaching opportunity for all programs has been provided by the WIAA in response to the impact of Covid-19 and will abide by all safety requirements. Some of our Lincoln sports are opting to use this time and have been in contact with athletes who have registered on FamilyID. Please reach out to any coach you have not been in contact with regarding practice opportunities, schedules, and venues. These elective practices are not required, and furthermore, will not be used to determine any cuts or which level (Varsity, JV, C-team) student-athletes will compete at during their regular competitive season.
    If you have questions about any of this please feel free to email our Athletic Director, Mr. Brakke, at

    Embedded Honors Option Information

    9th and 10th grade ELA and Social Studies courses will include the option to earn honors this year. Please allow a week or two for teachers to update their syllabi on Schoology to reflect this change. ELA and Social Studies teachers will be sharing more information in their classes about how students can elect into the honor’s option at the end of the semester.

    Regular Online Bell Schedule

    **Small group time is designed for enrichment and remediation on an as needed basis and will be directed by the teacher.

    A Note About our Schedule:
    There have been some questions and discussion about our bell schedule floating around our community this past week. We understand the concern, and while no schedule is perfect, we did want to take the opportunity to address how our remote learning schedule came to be here at Lincoln. Over the summer, each Seattle high school was given a choice of two schedules by the district, in alignment with state guidelines for instructional minutes. The teacher leaders at Lincoln thought long and hard about how they could best support all our students. Ultimately, we chose a schedule that provides equity of access in learning and best supports for our students on individual learning plans (such as IEP and 504’s), students historically furthest from educational justice, students who may be struggling from a loss of in person instruction last spring, as well as students taking rigorous college prep level courses. Our selected schedule provides predictable times for support staff to push into classes to work directly with students when the learning is taking place. It also allows us to divide teaching and learning into two parts, or sessions; direct instruction of content and independent work/small group time for processing when the teacher and their peers are ‘nearby’, or able to be online. Teachers are working hard to address concerns around screen time, the need for physical movement and breaks, and peer socialization while offering supported independent work time (asynchronous instruction) and high-quality instruction in a welcoming supportive classroom environment. If your student is experiencing undue stress due to online learning, please contact your school counselor for support.

    Image of Bell Schedule

    Monday & Thursday

    9:00-9:30 Individual/Small Group Support 
    9:30-10:55 Period 1 Lesson & Work time
    10:55-11:10 Break
    11:10-12:35 Period 2 Lesson & Work Time 
    12:35-1:20 LUNCH
    1:20-2:45 Period 3 Lesson & Work time
    2:45-3:50  Individual/Small Group Support 

    Tuesday & Friday

    8:30-9:15  8th Period (Jazz Band)
    9:00-9:30 Individual/Small Group Support 
    9:30-10:55 Period 4 Lesson & Work time
    10:55-11:10 Break
    11:10-12:35 Period 5 Lesson & Work Time 
    12:35-1:20 LUNCH
    1:20-2:45 Period 6 Lesson & Work time
    2:45-3:50  Individual/Small Group Support 


    9-10:55 Individual/Small Group Support
    10:55-11:10 Break
    11:30-12:15 Mentorship Grades 10&11
    12:35-1:20 LUNCH
    1:15-2:00 Mentorship Grade 9
    2:15-3:15 Period 8 (Jazz Band)

    Technology Support

    Is your SPS-Issued laptop broken or needs repairs? Are you receiving an error message on your SPS-Issued laptop? Please contact SPS Tech Support by emailing or call 206-252-0100.
    You can access the Source, Schoology, and other technology supports here:

    Further tech support and help (videos and checklists) are available
    We have received requests from students/families to have the ability to connect their SPS laptop to their home printer. Although this was not previously an option, we have enabled this capability. Just connect the printer to the laptop and the printer driver will automatically install. Due to malware concerns you will be unable to install other functions for the printer that require a CD or internet driver install. The assignments from teachers should not require the use of printers, so they are considered optional and not required, much like headphones. As such, our Student TechLine will not be able to trouble-shoot issues that arise from the connection of your personal printer.

    Please visit the Lincoln website homepage for links to past emails. Past information includes:

    • Seattle Parks & Rec Hubs for Online Learning Support
    • Student Meals
    • Forms to be Returned to School (action required by families) Deadline Oct 1st
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