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    School Messenger Sent to Families on 9.18.2020
    Posted on 09/18/2020
    Family Email Sent 9.18.2020The following content was sent via SchoolMessenger email to parents/guardians on Friday, September 18.  If you did not receive the email please first check all your email folders, then check that your School Messenger communication preferences are fully set to receive notifications from the school and district: If you are still not receiving emails after updating your communications preferences, then please email and we will try to troubleshoot problem.

    Good evening Lincoln families,

    We hope this past week has gone well. In building our partnership with you, our goal is to continue to keep you updated on important information happening at Lincoln. You can also get additional information and updates on our website or by following us on social media. If you have specific questions or needs, our main office is available to answer questions from 9AM-1PM daily by calling 206-413-2500. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

    **Curriculum Night is coming!

    It will be offered asynchronously October 1st-4th. More information coming soon!

    In this update you will find information on the following:
    • Updated Textbook/Supply Distribution
    • Technology Support (ongoing post)
    • Bell Schedule
    • Seattle Parks & Rec Hubs for Online Learning Support
    • Student Meals
    • Forms to be Returned to School (action required by families)
    • Informational Health Update
    • Online Learning Protocols
    Reminders from Previous Family Email Information:
    • Clubs and Activities
    • Teen Health Center Updates
    • Technology Updates
    • Internet Support
    • Attendance

    Updated Textbook/Supply Distribution

    Due to the unhealthy air quality, we have had to delay the textbook/supply distribution by a week. The new schedule is as follows:

    New Dates:
    Monday, Sept 21:
    o Last Names A through E: 3-5pm
    • Tuesday, Sept 22:
    o Last Names F through K: 3-5pm
    • Wednesday, Sept 23:
    o Last Names L through R: 3-5pm
    • Thursday, Sept 24:
    o Last Names S through Z: 3-5pm

    We will continue to monitor air conditions and communicate Monday morning if changes to the schedule are necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

    Students will enter near the parking lot, through our “Loading Dock” area, just West of the gymnasium. Please note we have limited parking.

    Please come during your assigned time and follow COVID safety precautions.

    • Textbooks/Class Materials**  
    • School/Mentorship Paperwork
    • 2019-2020 Yearbooks (Ordering is still open! Please use SchoolPay to purchase-make sure you choose the 2020 Yearbook NOT the 2020--though you are certainly welcome to pre-order this year's book!)
    • Spirit Gear: Still want to purchase? If you purchase through SchoolPay by Sunday, September 20th at Midnight, you can pick it up during your distribution window!
    • ORCA Cards

    **If your student is not sure if they need to pick up a textbook, they should inquire with their teachers.

    Technology Support

    Is your SPS-Issued laptop broken or needs repairs? Are you receiving an error message on your SPS-Issued laptop? Please contact SPS Tech Support by emailing or call 206-252-0100.

    If you missed laptop distribution and need an SPS-issued laptop please call the main office at 206-413-2500.

    You can access the Source, Schoology, and other technology supports here:

    Further tech support and help (videos and checklists) are available HERE

    Regular Online Bell Schedule beginning week of Sept 21st

    **Small group time is designed for enrichment and remediation on an as needed basis and will be directed by the teacher.

    Monday & Thursday

    9:00-9:30 Individual/Small Group Support
    9:30-10:55 Period 1 Lesson & Work time
    10:55-11:10 Break
    11:10-12:35 Period 2 Lesson & Work Time
    12:35-1:20 LUNCH
    1:20-2:45 Period 3 Lesson & Work time
    2:45-3:50 Individual/Small Group Support 

    Tuesday & Friday

    8:30-9:15  8th Period (Jazz Band)
    9:00-9:30 Individual/Small Group Support 
    9:30-10:55 Period 4 Lesson & Work time
    10:55-11:10 Break
    11:10-12:35 Period 5 Lesson & Work Time 
    12:35-1:20 LUNCH
    1:20-2:45 Period 6 Lesson & Work time
    2:45-3:50  Individual/Small Group Support 


    9-10:55 Individual/Small Group Support
    10:55-11:10 Break
    11:30-12:15 Mentorship Grades 10&11
    12:35-1:20 LUNCH
    1:15-2:00 Mentorship Grade 9
    2:15-3:15 Period 8 (Jazz Band)

    Seattle Parks & Rec Hubs for Online Learning Support

    If you don’t have a quiet place to be online, or your home internet is not consistent, the following community centers are offering a safe place for middle and high school students to be online for classes:

    • Bitterlake Community Center 206-684-7524
    • Meadowbrook Teen Life Center 206-684-7523
    • Magnuson Community Center 206-684-7026
    • Garfield Teen Life Center 206-684-2440
    • Miller Community Center 206-684-4753
    • Southwest Teen Life Center 206-684-7438
    • Seattle South Lake High School

    Sites will be open from 8:30-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. The following services are available to students:

    • Supports access to Seattle Public Schools virtual learning
    • Provides recreational, enrichment and mentoring programs
    • In-person support for connectivity and basic academic support
    • Breakfast and lunch provided daily
    • Participants must bring laptop or tablet
    • Participants should bring a refillable water bottle
    • Wi-fi available

    Registration Link:

    Student Meals

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to providing meal service to students. If you have questions about this program, please call 206-252-0675 or visit the SPS website for more information and locations:

    Forms to be Returned to School

    There are several forms that are required to be completed each school year. All the forms can be accessed on the Seattle Schools website

    This year we are asking parents/guardians to submit these forms in one of 3 ways:

    1. Access them directly from the links provided, fill them out and email them to Please include your students name as part of the document name for ease of tracking and documenting. (Example: “FERPA for John Smith” or “Emergency for Susan Johnson”)
    2. Access them directly from the link, print them out, complete them and return them to Lincoln. Forms can be dropped off in the lobby of the Lincoln main entrance.
    3. If needed, paper copy forms will be available to complete and drop it off in the lobby of the Lincoln main entrance.

    The specific forms that need to be returned to the school are:

    • FERPA High School
    • Emergency Information and student Release
    • 504-2 Survey to Identify Disabled Students (only if applicable)
    • Indian Education Program, Title VI (only if applicable)
    • Student Housing Question (McKinney-Vento – only if applicable)

    There are several other forms available on the general forms link that can be completed and returned to the school.

    Informational Health Update

    Flu shots for Seattle Public Schools students (regardless of insurance) are available through School-Based Health Centers.

    Visiting Nurse Association is also offering 32 “drive-through” flu clinics at 16 school sites starting September 21-October 2. SPS students and their families, and staff and their families can sign up for an appointment at:

    Online Learning Protocols

    Creating a positive online learning culture is something we need your help on. Please take time to talk with your student about appropriate behavior and engagement with online learning tools. As a school, we have some online guidelines and learning protocols for students to follow:
    Guidelines for students:
    1. Come to class ready to learn and participate. Be mindful of your surroundings.
    2. Communicate clearly with your teacher when something is not going well
    3. You may opt to have your video/image not visible at times. However, we request that you upload a photo of your own face as an icon if you choose not to turn on your camera.
    4. Treat other students and staff as they want to be treated. Malicious, harassing, and hateful speech or images in any format will not be tolerated.
    5. Be ready to start class at the time class begins – log in a bit early if you can – and be prepared to stay engaged until the end of the period

    As challenges emerge, we are committed to working with students and reach out to partner with families as needed. Thanks for you continue support on this.

    Information from Past Emails

    Clubs and Activities

    The Lincoln ASB Schoology group is up and running. All students, staff and some family members have been added to the group (no need to sign up). To view the group, please go to Schoology and use the “groups” tab at the top of the page. This is a student-run page so please be patient as they learn how to run it.

    If you do not wish to receive the updates, you have two options:

    • Anyone can alter their notification settings if they do not wish to receive notifications from this group. You can do so by selecting the Notifications button in the top right corner of the screen, or by going to Settings > Notifications.
    • If you wish to be removed from the group instead, you can do so by clicking on the bottom left corner of the screen on the words "Leave this group".
    Approximately half of our student clubs have updated their meeting information with times, dates, and links, and additional information continues to roll in as school gets going. This Schoology group page will have the most up-to-date information, but some basic information will also be available on the LHS website under the ASB tab over the next couple of weeks. If your student was a club leader last year, please encourage them to update their information as soon as possible.

    Students wishing to start a new student group should complete the application, available on the same Lincoln ASB Schoology group page. For questions, please contact Christina Neuschwander at


    Teen Health Center Updates

    NeighborCare is open at Lincoln! For more information and appointments please go the Lincoln page on the NeighborCare website here:

    Technology Updates

    Last week, District devices experienced a slowing down as we launched school online across SPS. The District was able to respond quickly and get an update/upgrade out to devices. It would be a good practice to regularly restart your District device to receive upgrades needed. Upgrade instructions are:
    Upgrade information for families and students:
    1. Plug your device into power
    2. Turn it on
    3. Connect to the internet
    4. Restart it and have your student log in
    5. Leave it on for an hour or two to receive new software updates before logging off

    Internet Support

    Are you in need of Internet support? Do you know a Lincoln student who does not have consistent Internet access? Please contact Ms. Bowens for support: You can also call 206-413-2500. You will need to share some basic information for a questionnaire.


    Per SPS policy, effective 09/04/2020, all teachers must take attendance each school day in each class period, and in any assigned small groups. To ensure students are connected to their school community, feel supported, are engaged, and participating daily, attendance is a key indicator for when students may need additional support.
    Please email if you know your student will absent from class.

    Lincoln High School