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    Today’s Bell Schedule 9/16/19

    First Bell 8:40
    1st Period 8:45-9:50
    2nd Period 9:55-10:52
    Lunch 11:59-12:29
    4th Period 12:34-1:31
    5th Period 1:36-2:33
    6th Period 2:38-3:35

    **Happening this Week

    • Keystone Club -  Tuesday, 9/17 in Room 246 3:45
    • Latinx Student Union (LSU) Club - Tuesday, 9/17 in Room 107 during lunch
    • Jewish Student Union (JSU) Club - Tuesday, 9/17 in Room 333 during lunch
    • Open Gym - Wednesday, 9/18 from 7:15 – 8:45
    • Black Student Union (BSU) meeting - Wednesday at lunch in room 353. There will be providing pizza and drinks for students
    • Drama Club - Thursday, 9/19 in the Black Box (C111) during lunch
    • LGBTQIA+ (name TBD) - Thursday, 9/19 in Room Library during lunch

    Queen Anne Bus Stops

    If you are a Queen Anne bus rider please note that there are only 7 pick-up stops on the bus route NOT 8 as previously published.  There is no stop at the Fremont Bridge. See the link with all the stops on the Lincoln website under Resources and Services.

    Personalize Your Laptops

    Students, please take time to personalize your SPS issued laptops.  During checkout you should have received a plastic skin to put on the cover to allow for stickers and personalized labels.  We have had a few people accidentally swap laptops since they look the same, so take the time to personalize yours.  If you didn’t get the plastic skin, extra ones are available in the library.  You will be reissued the same laptop every year so make sure to take good care of it!

    Lunchtime and Hamilton

    Lincoln students eating lunch in the park please stay to the Lincoln side and do not go on or near Hamilton grounds. Hamilton does not have an open campus so it is not okay to have Hamilton students come eat lunch with you. Please be respectful of other groups, including Hamilton classes, using the park. Do not join in the activities! Also know that students are not allowed on any other school campus including Hamilton’s property which includes their bus zone during school hours. Thank you for your cooperation.

    ORCA Cards

    If you haven’t picked up your ORCA card, please stop by Mr Lee’s office in the Commons to pick it up BEFORE TUESDAY, 9/17.  The city is providing ORCA cards free to all Seattle High School students so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.  Cards not claimed by the end of this month will be returned to the city.

    Request From Nurse Meg

    Several of our staff and students are extremely sensitive to perfumes and strong soap scents. Some of these Lynx actually have an asthma episode and can’t breathe when exposed to these types of scents. Please help us keep Lincoln’s air safe for everyone! Thank you!

    Cheer/Mascot Tryouts

    Are you interested in joining the cheer squad or becoming the mascot? Well here's your chance! Come out September 19, 4:30 - 6:45 & September 20, 4:30 - 7:30 in the multipurpose room on the 2nd Floor, (room 271). In order to participate you will need to complete the FamilyID athletics registration and upload a physical good through 2020. If you are interested pick up a supplemental cheer and/or mascot packet from Ms. Neu, in her office on the 2nd floor commons during lunch or after school.

    Free Lincoln Tee Shirt

    If you have not received your free Lincoln shirt, you can pick one up from Ms. Neu during lunch or after school this week. Come find her in her office in the upper commons (Room 240)!