Update 3/16/23

Dear Lincoln families,

The first in-person Lincoln Multicultural Week is in full swing! I am so proud of our student leaders in our Black Student Union (BSU), Latino Student Union (LSU), and Asian Student Union (ASU) who have put in herculean planning and effort! Thank you to those who are helping and participating.

The goal of the week is to promote cultural visibility, uplift students of color, and have fun. We kicked off the week with a school-wide assembly featuring songs, dances, poems, and other performances from students.  Throughout this week, our student leaders have also planned and hosted several events for our campus community. 

As part of our celebration this week, a number of our student union clubs have planned a combined lunch gathering on Friday.  This has been part of the planning of our student leaders.  As with all our clubs, any student is invited to join and bring their lunch on Friday.  

This truly has been an amazing week for our students.  As many of you know, we also celebrated our Exhibition of Student Learning yesterday.  As always, I encourage you to engage with your student and ask them about our assembly, Exhibition, and what is happening at school.

Our school and Seattle Public Schools support the inclusion of all students in any interscholastic club, athletics activity or recreational activity. (Supt. Procedure 3210)

I am so honored to lead such a great group of students and staff who honor and celebrate our student identity and multicultural heritage! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.