Students – Keep Your ORCA Cards!

Summary: ORCA cards are valid through the summer and will remain valid for the 2022-2023 school year. Ignore the expiration date on the back!

ORCA Cards good for Summer AND Beyond

Your current ORCA card will become your NEW Free Youth Transit Pass, you can use your card during the summer and use for the upcoming 22-23 school year! 

Ignore the expiration date (8/31/22) on the back. 

Do not throw away your Orca Card. If you lose your card, or it gets damaged email your request to: 

For Students who chose to not pick up an ORCA card during this school year, they can pick up an ORCA Card in September, when the new school year begins. You will not be able to order an ORCA card over the summer.  Only replacement requests will be considered. Unclaimed ORCA Cards will be returned to the district.  

Questions? Please visit our Orca Card page