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Information for Prospective 23-24 Students

Important Information for Future Lynx

Lincoln Open House

Lincoln will host an open house on Wednesday, January 25 from 6:30 to 8:00pm for prospective students and families for the 2023-2024 school year.* The event will start with a brief assembly in the gym hosted by our ASB leadership followed by self-guided tours of the building and Lincoln programs.

More information and videos related to the open house will posted here as the event gets closer so be sure to check back frequently.

*Due to wanting to limit crowd size, we respectfully ask that students/families who are not prospective students for the 23-24 school year (e.g. students in younger grades) wait their turn to visit Lincoln. Also, parking in the area is extremely limited and families are encouraged to carpool or use public transportation to attend or plan your arrival to allow for walking several blocks due to the parking limitations.

Informational Videos

The following short informational videos (all under 5 minutes) have been provided to give you a quick overview of Lincoln. Please explore our website if you would like to know even more. Most questions families have are answered in various places on our website. From the counseling webpage to the student life pages to the course catalog webpage there is a wealth of information to be found. Please explore before reaching out with questions.

Principal’s Welcome

Dr. Corey Eichner, Lincoln Principal welcomes students to Lincoln and provides a brief introduction to some educational platforms which are the core foundation of learning at Lincoln. Explore the various tabs at the top of the Lincoln website homepage to learn more.

Lynx Counseling Crew

This short video covers the role of the counselor in the high school, graduation requirements, a brief overview of the course registration timeline (begins in April around Spring Break) for new students and introduces the Lynx Counseling Crew. Visit the Counseling page on this website under Resources to learn more.

A Message from our MTSS Coordinator and Academic Dean

This short video covers some of the support programs offered at Lincoln to help make sure our students have the tools, support and help they need to graduate on time and move onto successful adulthood. More information available under the Resources tab on the Lincoln homepage.

Athletics and Activities

A brief overview of the various athletics and activities that are available at Lincoln. More information about athletics and activities can be found under Student Life on this website.

Advancing in Coursework

Lincoln/SPS Policy on Coursework Taken Outside of SPS

We use SPS Policy/Procedure 2024 for questions regarding advancing in coursework over the summer for SPS credit.  If you have not had a chance to review the procedures on this, please take the time to look over the process and decision matrix for how buildings determine whether students are allowed to advance over the summer with first-time credit outside of SPS (see links below).  Policy/Procedure 2024 was updated in 2019.

For Incoming Lincoln Students

SPS Policy/Procedure 2024 does not allow incoming 9th graders to take classes over the summer to advance in their course progression. You can review SPS Policy/Procedure 2024 on the SPS website, or by accessing the link below.

For your reference, the FAQ for Policy/Procedure provides guidance for why middle school students are not able to take out-of-district courses to apply to the high school transcript.

Why can’t middle school students take out-of-district courses for addition to their future high school transcripts?

A: Out-of-district courses will not be approved for middle school students.  Principals in particular asked for this change because often, when middle school students take out-of-district courses, they are not adequately prepared academically for the courses they take in high school.  This negatively impacts the learning experience of that student and other students in the classroom. In addition, it should be noted that there are other ways for students to earn high school credits while in middle school through their school’s offerings.  Note that students will be permitted to take out-of-district courses with district approved programs like LEEP the summer before 9th grade.

If you have additional questions, please review the links below, which will help provide additional guidance about course progression and out-of-district credits.  In the event an incoming 9th grader takes coursework over the summer, we will unfortunately not be able to honor those credits on the transcript or use them to determine course placement.

For Current Lincoln Students

Taking outside credit over the summer is allowed if it helps a student get on track to access college preparatory courses (AP, IB, College in the HS) during the junior or senior year.   Students are NOT approved for outside credit/advancement if they are already enrolled in grade-level courses and will be able to access the college preparatory courses by junior or senior year without taking the requested out-of-district course.

If a student meets the qualifications, they need to complete the Equivalency Course of Study Form for First Time Credit and submit it to the Lincoln Principal, Dr. Eichner.  This must happen BEFORE enrolling in any coursework.   Any coursework taken without the pre-approval cannot be included on the SPS transcript or be used as pre-requisites to advance your course sequence. Please review this process closely as taking courses not approved may result in the need to take the course again.

At Lincoln, we work to provide additional opportunities for advancement to meet the needs of our students.   Advancement is built into our coursework through individual consultation with our teachers and more specifically through our Project-Based Learning and Exhibition of Student Learning.  During registration each year, students are able to sign up to “double up” on courses in the areas of math and science (placement is not guaranteed with this), which is determined in the fall on a space available basis.  Additionally, we work with students during their junior and senior year with Running Start, which is a great way to advance in learning.

If you are considering applying for out of district credit, please register for your next course in the sequence (i.e. if you are in Algebra 1, please sign up for Geometry) and your registration requests will be adjusted if your request for outside credit is approved and completed.  We again ask to please review the qualifications in 2024 (links below), BEFORE submitting your request to ensure you meet the requirements and are following the appropriate steps.


Student Assignment Fall 2023

Open Enrollment for School Choice for the 2023-24 school year is February 1 – 28, 2023 for students currently enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. View up-to-date information regarding school choice.

Open Enrollment is the annual period where students may first apply to attend a different school or program next year. The school choice period continues until May 31, but on-time applications are those received during Open Enrollment (Feb. 1-28) and will be processed with applicable tiebreakers. Choice applications are accepted through May 31 but are not eligible for priority tiebreakers. Open Enrollment results are typically available online in April.

Choice forms received after February 28, 2023 will not be eligible for tiebreaker consideration but will be placed in the order received and by lottery number.

Key Enrollment Dates

  • Online Enrollment for new students for 2023-24 school year begins: January 3, 2023
  • Open Enrollment for School Choice: February 1 – 28, 2023
  • Open Enrollment results available online in April 18
  • School Choice Window Closes: May 31, 2023

Who needs to complete a School Choice form during Open Enrollment?:

  • All current SPS students residing in the Lincoln attendance area will automatically be assigned to Lincoln.  You DO NOT need to complete a choice form unless you are hoping to attend another area high school other than Lincoln. 
  • Current HC eligible 8th grade students who live in the Ballard, Ingraham, Lincoln, Nathan Hale, and Roosevelt attendance areas will automatically be assigned to Lincoln for HC. You DO NOT need to complete a choice form unless you are attending a non-HCC middle school currently and wish to attend Lincoln HCC in 2022-23, or would like to attend your attendance area school.
  • Dual Language Immersion students living outside the Lincoln attendance area boundary desiring to continue to Lincoln, must file a choice form during Open Enrollment.  Mark the application “Dual Language Immersion”.
  • Current HC eligible or Dual-Language Immersion 9-11 grade students will have to actively choose Lincoln during Open Enrollment by completing a choice form.