Friday Family Email 10.15.2021

Happy Friday, here is your weekly update from our building!

Important Dates

  • Oct 12-19 – Curriculum Night -videos posted to Schoology pages
  • Today Oct 15 – Homecoming Football game 7:45 pm at memorial, tickets are cash only  

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Tonight is the Homecoming Football game vs Franklin at 7:45 pm at Memorial Stadium. Tickets are $6 for adults and students without ASB cards, and $4 for students with ASB cards. The stadium accepts only cash for tickets; no card payments are available. During halftime at the Homecoming game, the band, cheer, and dance will all perform, and the court will be introduced. We hope you can join us as we celebrate Homecoming this year and we look forward to seeing you at the game!

Supplies and Fees

Many families have not yet paid the school supply fee. Please log on to Schoolpay here to pay the fee. This covers basics such as file folders, post-its, tape, staples, power strips, paper for student worksheets, notecards, markers, batteries, etc. It also funds our maker space, some art supplies, and other consumables around the building students use every day.  As always please let your counselor know if you need assistance with any costs.

Students who have paid for ASB but did not get the ASB symbol printed on their ID card should see Ms. Chandler during lunch or after school in the counseling office.  Students can also see Ms. Chandler for a replacement ID card after paying the $5 replacement fee on SchoolPay.

Flu Shot Week

We are excited to announce that our Lincoln High Teen Health Center will be hosting Flu Shot Week for ALL Seattle Public School students.  We are reaching out to all our lovely neighborhood schools who may have students who still need their flu shots.  

Where and When? – We will be hosting a clinic on October 18th to October 22nd from 9am to 4pm. The clinic will be held inside the teen health center. Students will be pulled out of class for 10 minutes to receive the vaccine.   

Who? – We can provide flu shots all students who are registered with an SPS school. If you have students who are still in need of their flu shots, please refer them to us.  

How? – To receive services from the Lincoln Health Center, we just need a simple (abbreviated) registration form completed. These registration forms can be found at the link below or your student can stop by the teen health center and get a paper copy.

Shots are no cost for SPS students! 

Queen Anne Shuttles

All Queen Anne Shuttles have been cancelled indefinitely due to the ongoing driver shortage. More information can be found on the Transportation website here:

AP Test Registrations

All students who would like to take an AP Exam registered and paid by Nov 5th. Some of you have already begun this process, which is great! For those of you that have not, no worries! Check in with your student for the join code and/or check Schoology for your class information. Go to  to log in and see your class sections and join codes that have been created!

Schoology password re-set

For increased security, the number of characters required for parent and guardian Source passwords is changing from 8 to 12 on November 15, 2021. This change is only for parents and guardians; student passwords will not need to be changed. Families with passwords that do not meet this new requirement will see a popup on their screen asking them to change their password to at least 12 characters with no apostrophe.

We are sharing this information directly with families but recognize they may also come to staff with questions on how to make this change. Starting on 11/15/2021, parents and guardians without a 12-character password will receive a prompt telling them to change their password. Below are the instructions we will be sending out prior to 11/15/2021 for your reference.Log on to your Source account at:

  1. Click Preferences from the left menu
  2. Enter your Current Password
  3. Enter a New Password and enter it again to Confirm it. Your password must be 12 or more characters, with no apostrophes ( ‘ ).
  4. Click Save.

For more help contact:


Parents, please have a talk with your students about respecting their teachers by returning to the building on time after lunch. We are having many students returning 10, 20 and even 30 minutes late.  Please contact our LHS Attendance Specialist, at 206-413-2504 or email us at, if your student will be, is, or was absent/late/leaving early.


Presale for yearbooks is going on now through Schoolpay.  They are $65 with ASB and $75 without.  You can also find a QR code and link on the TV’s around the school.

SBA Testing

Beginning next week, 11th and 12th grade students will begin taking the state testing requirements which were postponed from the spring of 2021.  11th graders will take the SBA High School English and Math assessments, and 12th graders will take the SBA High School English and Math and the WCAS High School Science assessments.  These assessments will be administered on block days during students’ regularly scheduled class periods.  Students will be informed in class of the specific days and periods in which they will complete the tests, and extra time will be available for students who need it.  If possible, students should bring a fully charged SPS-issued laptop and wired (not Bluetooth) headphones with them to school on the day of the test.  Students who do not have an SPS laptop or wired headphones will be able to borrow those items for use during testing.  These tests provide our school with valuable data for use in supporting students and also help students to fulfill graduation pathway requirements.  Practice tests can be accessed online at  and can be taken on any computer.

News from the Counseling Center

Representatives from colleges and universities have started to schedule info sessions through Naviance! Students will be able to access college information sessions virtually on Fridays before school, during lunch, and after school. Go to your student homepage on Naviance and check out the “What’s New” section to see which colleges are coming and when. Make sure your students registers to join! That will give you the zoom/Teams link to access the meeting.

Representatives from the Seattle Colleges Seattle Promise program will be at LHS weekly starting very soon. Look out for more information to come, and this will also be advertised in your student’s mentorship.

Check out the attached College Career Newsletters for each grade level for helpful tips, checklists and other information to help your student begin to prepare for the future.Oct 2021 College Career Newsletter_ 9th grade.pdf Oct 2021 College Career Newsletter_ 10th grade.pdf Oct 2021 College Career Newsletter_ 11th grade.pdf Sept-Oct 2021 College Career Newsletter_ Seniors.pdf 

For more information on Seattle Promise, check it out here:


As always, if you have questions please call 206-413-2500 or email

Thank you for your ongoing partnership.

Lincoln High School Staff