Friday Family Email 1/27/2023

Sent via SchoolMessenger on Friday, January 27, 2023

Message from Dr. Eichner

I can’t believe the first semester is quickly coming to a close. Our students have been busy with their summative projects and assessment. As a reminder, the last day of first semester is February 8th with our semester finals on February 2nd and 3rd. 

As we head into the weekend, I want to take a moment to highlight some of the amazing work happening with our students in our school library. First, a big shout out to the 9th graders, who have checked out almost 2,000 books from the library since the start of the school year. Literacy is a big focus of ours with our 9th grade ELA classes integrating choice reading into all their classrooms. Studies of 10–16-year-olds have shown pleasure reading significantly increases cognitive progress over time as well as boosting vocabulary and math skills (Sullivan & Brown, 2013).  I was curious about the interests of our student readers and our librarian, Ms. Scott, shared she has gotten more requests for horror recommendations than any other genre. 

Lincoln students have been making great use of all their library resources. Almost 200 students used their SPS-SPL Library Link card at least once this month for research, ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, and live tutoring by chat or voice online. Seattle Public Library Video Tutoring. for FREE access to live tutors in math, science, ELA, and history in English and Spanish from 2pm – 10pm daily and the chance to upload papers for proofreading and feedback by professional writing tutors.

Whether it’s shelving books or investigating history, Lincoln’s dozens of active student volunteers are going strong this season. Students have also created content for our @lincolnlibrarylynx Instagram, which shared posts about Lunar New Year, new books, Seattle events, and school news with our almost 500 followers this month!  

On the horizon: a team of Ms. Neu’s leadership students will be bringing back an updated Lincoln Traditions Day after school in the library on January 31st. Stress-relieving activities will include everything from butter-making and embroidery to international board games.  As we anticipate Black History Month this February, the Lincoln Library is again planning our annual Library Blackout: every available display surface in every section of the library will feature hundreds of books by Black authors and creators.  From romance to comics to history to Afrofuturism to mystery and horror… students will be surrounded by Black literary excellence across every genre. Follow the library Instagram @lincolnlibrarylynx or come by the library for customized reading lists and recommendations… not just in February, but all year round.  

*Sullivan, A., and Brown, M. (2013). Social Inequalities in Cognitive Scores at Age 16: The Role of Reading. London: Centre for Longitudinal Studies. 

I hope you have a restful weekend. 



Important Dates

  • January 31st – Open Mic Night, 6:30PM 
  • February 2nd and 3rd – Semester 1 finals 
  • February 4th – Winter Formal 
  • February 4 – Auction for the Arts  

Dropping off Students at School 

There has been a large increase in traffic congestion in the neighborhood that is creating safety concerns and causing students to be late to class.  As a reminder, please drop your student off one or two blocks away from Lincoln.  We ask that you not use the streets immediately adjacent to our building including Interlake, Woodland and 43rd. Thank you in advance for your help with our traffic flow and keeping our students safe. 

Attendance Reminder 

Please remember to notify the attendance office at if your student will be absent, arrive late or need to leave at any time during the school day.  Please provide a reason for your student’s absence so that attendance can be accurately reflected.  Clarification regarding excused/unexcused absences.   

If your student is feeling ill while in school, please instruct your student to be sure they visit the Teen Health Center and see the school Nurse then stop by attendance to sign out prior to leaving campus.   

When your student arrives late for any reason, please remind them to sign in at the attendance office so that staff are aware that they are present.  Remind them to sign their first and last names legibly so that they can be accounted for. 

From our Activities Coordinator 

We would like to figure out a standard time and day of the week to hold evening events at Lincoln, such as Information Nights, Exhibitions, Curriculum Night, etc. In order to do this, we need a lot of input from our LHS community. Please fill out this brief survey to help us understand how to make evening events on campus more accessible.

Preparing for Semester 1 Finals 

First semester ends on February 8th.  Please support your student by scheduling time at home to prepare for their upcoming final assessments and end-of-semester projects.  Our final exams are scheduled for February 2nd and 3rd.  These are required school days and the below block schedule allows for additional time for classes that have an end of semester final or for projects, presentations or to complete classroom work.   

Don’t forget to encourage students to use BASH (before and after school help).  Mondays after school and Thursdays before school. 

February 2nd/3rd bell schedule 

  • 1st/2nd: 8:50-10:45  
  • 3rd/4th: 10:55-12:50  
  • Lunch 12:55-1:25  
  • 5th/6th: 1:30-3:25  
  • Lynx Time: 3:25-3:40  

Student News 

Open Mic Night – Join us on January 31st at 6:30pm in the commons for Lincoln’s first ever open mic! Watch Lincoln students showcase their singing, poetry, and band performances. This event is free, but we are fundraising for production costs for the first print edition of the Lincoln Log and there will be baked goods available to purchase to support Lincoln Choir. See you there! 

Winter Formal 

Save the date.  The Winter Formal hosted by the class of 2024 is Saturday, February 4th.  Tickets will be sold every school day from 1/17-2/1 in the lower commons by Mr. Lee’s office before school, during lunch, and after school. Tickets will start at $30 with ASB and $35 without ASB.  Prices increase by $5 starting 1/23.  Guest tickets will be available starting the week of 1/23 and are $40 each. Full details about winter formal.

Counseling Corner  

Course Registration  

Over the next month, counselors will be meeting with students individually in their ELA class about their requested schedules.   


Bash is a student lead tutoring service that is offered after school on Mondays 3:45-4:45 and before schools on Thursdays 7:45-8:45.    

Seattle Promise   

Seattle Promise offers college courses and other certifications to high school students so that they can earn credit towards an associate degree or certifications in fields that they are most interested in. Seattle Colleges offers over 130 programs in 8 areas of study. Take a look at this site to Find out which program and college better fits your interests! Here are the links to apply:

Seattle Promise application

Seattle Colleges application

College Applications   

This is an exciting time for many of our students who are starting to receive acceptance letters.  We’d like to hear from the Class of 2023 and the colleges they were accepted to.  Please fill out this short form to share with us the colleges you were accepted to and the school you are leaning more into attending above others.  

Senior Scholarships  

Now that all early decision applications have been sent off and will be receiving acceptance soon. It’s time to start thinking about funding your future education. FAFSA, is a financial assistance program to help students afford their education. Also, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available and we encourage you all to look at scholarships offered by your preferred school. There is a scholarship available for any and all students!    

Other “Life After Lincoln” Resources  

Check out the new webpage links that can be found under the Lincoln Counseling webpage!  We have added Post-Secondary Options and Applying to College pages to give students support on their life after Lincoln journey.  There you will find lots of great information and ideas.  The Applying to College webpage has a sub-page with links to informative video tutorials for applying to colleges and completing The Common App.   


If you need any further assistance, schedule an appointment through Schoology or stop by if you have a quick question.  

Volunteer / Donation opportunities  

Biology classes are planning a walking field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo for Tuesday, February 7th. This is a great opportunity for students to connect their learning from animal and plant units and for us to talk about biology professions. We desperately need chaperones! It should be fairly easy, as the required chaperone: student ratio is 6:1. We will be there almost the entire day, starting at the 8:45am bell at school and returning to school by the end of the day.   

If you are interested and available, please email Michaela Peterson at

Theatre Tech needs donations of fabric and sewing materials”.  Items can be dropped off in the main office during school hours.  Questions can be directed to Ms. Sullivan at”. 

YOU (mod STEM), a 501(c)(3) STEM nonprofit, is seeking new volunteers to support the pursual of their current outreach projects, which include a web math/physics content hub, an experimental physics event for a female community in Chiapas, Mexico, a The Math Behind Origami content series.  Prospective members can email with the subject line “Volunteering Opportunity Candidate”. 

PAL Info 

Thank you to those of you who have already purchased tickets or made a donation to “Auction for the Arts” on Feb 4th.  We truly appreciate your support. 

Our event is just one week from Saturday on February 4th, so if you can attend please buy tickets now. Important: Buy one ticket per person. Add the item to your cart twice if you intend to come as a couple and fill out the information for yourself and attendee #2 for your guest. 

 Check out some of these auction items you will get to bid on: 

  • Weekend at Cannon Beach, OR or 4 nights at a beautiful Condo in Kauai, HI! 
  • Tickets to Kraken, Mariners and Seahawks games 
  • 5th Ave, Seattle Opera and Ballet Tickets  
  • Fun lunches and dinners out 

Can’t make it on Feb 4th? No problem! Make a donation now instead.  Scroll down and use the “Auction Donation” item at checkout.   

Teen Health Center 

Hello Lincoln Athletes! Are you trying out for spring sports and in need of a sports physical? Sports physicals can be done right here in the Teen Health Center! To register and/or schedule, contact Maggie at the Teen Health Center by texting 206-653-9711 or emailing  Schedule as soon as possible to ensure you can get your sports physical in time for tryouts — we book up fast! 

Backpack Brigade 

Could you use some extra food for the weekend? Backpack Brigade is a new support at Lincoln that provides food for families! We receive bags of meals and snacks for families that might not have access to food on the weekend. The bags have nutritious, kid-friendly, name-brand items that kids will recognize and that will not spoil. All bags have 12-13 items: 

3 each of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. We offer 6 menus, to represent the kid’s dietary, cultural or religious needs. We receive bags of food every Thursday and they can be picked up after school on Thursdays or anytime on Fridays.  

 Please see Mr. Flavors in the Library, email at, or call at 206-413-2500, if you are interested in receiving some food for the weekend.   

District News 

Seattle Public Schools launched a districtwide news broadcast called First Bell on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023. The addition of the broadcast means School Beat, the district newsletter, will shift to a once-a-month release. Read our most recent School Beat Newsletter

School Beat will continue to be emailed to families on the first Wednesday of each month.   

Episodes of First Bell will be available every third Wednesday unless there is a school break. The show will feature stories from around SPS highlighting the work of students and staff and providing families with important information they need to know.   

Here are additional ways you can watch:  

Within the city limits of Seattle, you will receive Seattle Public Schools programming on the following channels:  

  • Comcast 319 (HD)  
  • Comcast and Wave 26 (SD)  
  • Century Link 8008 (SD)   
  • HD on channel 8508.  

Send news tips, or if you know a someone who deserves to be in the spotlight, let us know at   

About First Bell 

SPS is bringing stories from the district to your screens with a new TV broadcast  

We know families are busy, and oftentimes don’t have the bandwidth to read emails at the end of the day. SPS is looking for ways to get the news to you in a convenient way, and our Communications team has the solution.  

In January 2023, SPS will launch a districtwide news broadcast called First Bell. It will feature stories from around SPS highlighting the work of students and staff and providing families with important information they need to know. Families will be able to watch our stories whenever and wherever they want – in about five minutes or less.  

The addition of the news broadcast means School Beat, the SPS newsletter, will shift to a once-a-month release. It will be emailed to families on the first Wednesday of each month. Episodes of First Bell will be published every third Wednesday unless there is a school break.  

We are excited to bring this new way to connect families to what’s happening in our schools.  

Seattle Public Schools will launch a districtwide news broadcast called “First Bell” on Wednesday, Jan. 18. The addition of the broadcast means School Beat, the district newsletter, will shift to a once-a-month release.