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    Hello, Lincoln Lynx!

    In this document you will find descriptions of the courses projected to be offered at Lincoln. This is not a static document; it will grow and change over the years as our students’ areas of interest and needs evolve. Courses not yet offered will have the year listed when they will be projected to be offered based on student need. We will add and or delete courses as we grow to meet the needs of the incoming students.

    Courses offered are aimed at challenging students academically; we encourage all students to pick an area to push themselves by opting into advanced courses that will help prepare them for the rigors of career and college. In some areas, you will see the addition of college-level, “college in the high school,” courses as one of the options to meet the new requirements to graduate. Our counselors will meet with students annually to track progress towards graduation.

    As you review the course offerings, read the course descriptions carefully, making note of the important information such as course prerequisites and homework requirements. Be mindful of the out-of-class homework requirements when considering the number of advanced classes you sign up for. Also keep in mind high school graduation requirements and your post-secondary aspirations.

    We look forward to supporting you.
    Lincoln High School Staff