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    Course Catalog Key

    +These courses may be dual certified. Please see your Counselor for clarity before registering

    HXX - Course credit in the designated department area (HLA – Language Arts credit, HWL – World Language credit, etc.)

    CXX - Cross credited course that can be used in that department if regular credit (HXX) has already been met. (Example: An HCT course may also be CFA which is a course equivalent to a Fine Arts Course and can earn Fine Arts credit)

    • HLA/CLA - Meets Language Arts requirement
    • HMA/CMA - Meets Math requirement
    • HSC/CSC - Meets Science requirement
    • HSS/CSS - Meets Social Studies requirement
    • HCT/CCT - Meets Career & Technology requirement
    • HFA/CFA - Meets Fine Arts requirement
    • HWL - Meets World Language requirement
    • HUE - Unspecified Elective Credit – can be applied to electives credit

    AP - Advanced Placement

    IB - International Baccalaureate

    A or 1 - First Semester (for courses that are year-long)

    B or 2 - Second Semester (for courses that are year-long)