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    About Lincoln High School


    Abraham Lincoln High School initially opened in the fall of 1907 with 900 students. Lincoln grew over time with multiple additions becoming a 4-year high school in 1971. In 1981, Lincoln was scheduled for closure. Since its closure, Lincoln has continued its strong support from an active alumni group and the building was used for a variety of purposes including housing different Seattle schools as an interim location during their own renovations. In February, 2013 Seattle voters approved the Building Excellence initiative which put into place the reopening of Lincoln High School in the fall of 2019! We are excited for to be joined by 9th and 10th graders and a supportive staff and community as we re-join the Wallingford and surrounding communities again in September of 2019.


    Learn with passion. Act with courage. Improve the world.


    Lincoln prepares young adults to navigate a complex and dynamic world with confidence and creativity through experiential learning that inspires students to think critically, solve problems and engage empathetically as global citizens.


    At Lincoln, we believe learning begins with curiosity, engagement and wonder. We cultivate this by framing learning experiences where students explore their lives and the world under the umbrella of a theme, concept, phenomenon, or event. Our learners engage with authentic problems that develop critical thinking and prompt the development and application of their knowledge and skills in all disciplines – language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts – with meaningful career and technology connections and innovations.

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    4400 Interlake Ave N
    Seattle WA, 98103

    Main Office: 206-413-2500

    Principal Ruth Medsker

    Principal: Ruth Medsker

    Asst Principal: Corey Eichner

    Asst Principal: Sara Tuttle

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